Peter Ehrling, a musician from Stockholm, has released a new album called “Illusio Veri” under the name Me & Melancholy. The title means “The Illusion of Truth”, and the album is about the confusing things happening in the world today. The music is dark and electronic, with a strong beat.

                                                                             ME & MELANCHOLY

Peter Ehrling started Me & Melancholy in 2022. He taught himself music and was inspired by famous bands from the 1980s and 1990s like New Order and Depeche Mode, as well as newer bands like Radiohead. He combines old and new styles to create a unique sound that is both happy and thoughtful. “Illusio Veri” is a sad and thoughtful album with synthetic sounds. It’s meant to make listeners feel emotional and think deeply. The album has dark electronic beats and atmospheric sounds, showing Peter’s hard work and love for electronic music. He is very passionate about making music and exploring its possibilities.

Peter’s music journey is about being true to himself and making creative music. With Me & Melancholy, he has created a unique sound that honors his inspirations and stands out in the electronic music world. Electronic music fans will love “Illusio Veri”; it’s a great addition to their playlists, offering a deep and engaging listening experience.

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