Toronto artist Just Graham has released a powerful new single, “Blood Gutter”. He is known for writing songs that come from the heart.

                                                                                       JUST GRAHAM

Graham has been playing music since he was five years old, starting with a small violin. He learned music by ear and has been playing with different groups since the 2010s. He was part of a band called Common Deer from 2014 to 2021, and they toured and released music together. The pandemic gave Graham time to focus on songwriting again. He started writing more honest and personal music, both in sound and words. Graham, who performs as Just Graham, wants to remind people that love is still alive and that beauty can be found in imperfections”.

Just Graham’s song “Blood Gutter” is a slow and hypnotic electronic music track. Graham wrote the song after he and his partner saw a skateboarder get hit by a car. They thought the skateboarder had died, and this scary experience inspired Graham to write the song the next day, while his emotions were still strong”. Graham used a special machine called a synthesizer to create the main sound in “Blood Gutter”. He combined this sound with violin, guitar, and drums to make a haunting and melodic song. The song captures the strong emotions he felt after the traumatic experience and the closeness it brought to his relationship.

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