London, UK – Moontwin, the collaborative project of singer-songwriter Maple Bee (Melanie Garside) and Zac Kuzmanov, founder of XRaydio, steps into the spotlight with their latest single, ‘Symbols,’ offering an entrancing journey into the recesses of the mind. ‘Symbols,’ released on January 5, 2023, serves as a headfirst deep-dive into the intricate interplay of ‘almost sleeping’ thoughts. The song, born in the quiet of the night, weaves a tapestry of contradicting fears, wishes, and dreams, subtly entwining around conscious and unconscious patterns. Moontwin masterfully navigates the delicate balance between introspection and enigma, creating a strangely cozy yet hauntingly beautiful sense of unease that pervades the track.


The musical synergy between Maple Bee in Cornwall, UK, and Zac Kuzmanov in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, unfolds as a testament to the duo’s ability to transcend physical distances. The immersive soundscape of ‘Symbols’ mirrors the duo’s connection, showcasing the potency of virtual collaboration in the realm of creativity. As the song unfolds, it beckons listeners to embark on an intricate journey, where the mysteries of the mind are laid bare through haunting melodies and evocative lyrics. Moontwin invites audiences to immerse themselves in a sonic experience that goes beyond the ordinary, embracing the complexities of human thought and emotion.

‘Symbols’ is more than a single; it’s an invitation to explore the intricacies of consciousness, wrapped in the beguiling musicality that has become Moontwin’s signature.

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