Backstrom, the mastermind behind the intriguing single ‘Train Wreck Coming,’ delivers an auditory experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Described as energetic, rhythmic, and fun, the song isn’t merely an exploration of musicality but an introspective journey with thought-provoking depth. The solo artist, Backstrom, takes on the roles of songwriter and creative director, curating a track that draws inspiration from a rich tapestry of musical influences. From the poetic prowess of Leonard Cohen to the gritty authenticity of Johnny Cash and the timeless allure of The Rolling Stones, Backstrom weaves a sonic tapestry that spans generations.


The collaboration with session musicians brings a unique flavor to ‘Train Wreck Coming.’ Featuring the compelling vocals of Bart Topher, the song acquires a distinct personality. Recorded remotely, Topher’s performance injects an undeniable energy into the composition, creating a harmonious synergy with Backstrom’s vision. The production, led by Fransisco Paz in Buenos Aires, adds layers of instrumentation, with Paz also taking charge of the drums. This international collaboration, facilitated by platforms like, exemplifies the evolving landscape of music creation in the digital age.

‘Train Wreck Coming’ isn’t just a collection of sounds but a lyrical exploration of the chaos unfolding in the contemporary world. Backstrom’s lyrics, laced with social commentary, invite listeners to reflect on the tumultuous nature of our times. Yet, the beauty of the song lies in its ambiguity, leaving room for individual interpretation. Recorded in Buenos Aires and polished by Gabe Wolf’s expert touch in mixing and mastering, the single transcends geographical boundaries. Backstrom’s focus on songwriting rather than live performances doesn’t diminish the impact of ‘Train Wreck Coming.’ Instead, it positions the song as a testament to Backstrom’s ability to craft a unique sound that resonates globally, inviting listeners to dance to its rhythm while contemplating the profound messages embedded in its lyrics.

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