California’s rich musical tapestry welcomes a new sensation with the arrival of The Project, a supergroup emerging from the vibrant Southern California rock scene. Fronted by James Davis, the acclaimed lead guitarist from the 00s phenomenon Shameless, The Project is gearing up for the release of their debut album, “Best Days,” which made its grand entrance on October 20th, 2023. Shameless, with its accolades like Best Hard Rock Band at the Southern California Music Awards and Best Metal Band at the Inland Empire Music Awards, cultivated an international following. Now, James Davis is spearheading The Project’s exploration into a fusion of classic hard rock and pop, collaborating with power vocalist Jeff Plant and the skilled drummer Andre Bonter.

The project

The lead single, “Best Days,” offers a tantalizing preview of the album, showcasing a blend of throwback rock sound with a modern twist. The vocals resonate with the spirit of Black Sabbath, while the guitars deliver a Smashing Pumpkins vibe. Nods to Rush and Blink-182 highlight The Project’s adept ability to traverse various rock genres. Recorded at Arrowhead West Studio in Rancho Cucamonga, California, and produced by Dennis Hill, the album is a testament to the band’s dedication and hard work.

The Project’s music video for “Best Days” unveils a private link, granting audiences an exclusive glimpse into their distinctive sound and style. With the promise of surprise members to be announced, The Project’s debut album is a must-have for enthusiasts of rock music and the quintessential California lifestyle. Though the initial release date has passed, the timeless allure of “Best Days” is ready to captivate music lovers for years to come.

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Step into the holiday spirit with Rehya Stevens’ latest release, “Be My Baby By Christmas Night,” the second single from her upcoming Christmas album, “Santa’s Takin’ Over The Town,” set to hit all streaming services on November 24th, 2023. What sets this single apart is its unique inspiration – the late cat, Gigi. A playful twist on the usual romantic Christmas tunes, “Be My Baby By Christmas Night” captures the festive, love-sick essence with a touch of humor. Rehya Stevens shares, “Each time I hear the big, raucous piano glisses, I picture her sassy self bolting down the hall with something delicious between her fangs that she’d swiped from someone’s plate.”

Rehya Stevens

The single follows the acoustic style ballad of the first release, “Early Winter,” and showcases Steven’s effusive signature style. The full Christmas album promises to deliver even more holiday cheer, and the deluxe edition CD, available for a limited time on her website, offers an exclusive, signed copy for enthusiasts.

With a history of success including a #2 Billboard holiday single, an HMMA Award for ‘Best in Holiday,’ and numerous sync licenses, Stevens’ contribution to the holiday music landscape is undeniable. Her jolly song collection continues to expand, with the signed Deluxe Edition CD presenting a festive package containing the new “Santa’s Takin’ Over The Town” album along with her 2021 Christmas release, ‘Tis the Season, previously available on digital platforms. As the season approaches, unwrap the soundtrack to your Christmas with Rehya Stevens, a talented indie pop artist who brings joy and melody to the holiday airwaves.

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Embark on a revolutionary auditory journey with “Hot Spoon, Cold Mango” – the brainchild of composer Stephen Meeker, where sound isn’t just heard but seen in vivid visual hallucinations. This groundbreaking technology, showcased in the original album “Paws on Ears,” is set to redefine the way we experience music.

Hot Spoon, Cold Mango

The mind-bending experience of “Hot Spoon, Cold Mango” combines cutting-edge audio design and neural stimulation, transporting listeners to surreal dimensions without the need for external visuals. From soaring through fantastical landscapes to dancing with ethereal beings, the power of sound paints a mesmerizing picture. The compositions, including tracks like “Je ne parle pas francais,” “My Teddy Bears Look at me Funny,” and “The Statistician’s Melancholic Marching Band,” promise an array of mind-bending experiences. Beyond entertainment, “Hot Spoon, Cold Mango” serves as a tool for mindfulness, therapy, and unlocking creative potential.

The project’s sole member, Stephen Meeker, draws influences from time travel, space, and random thoughts, crafting compositions with classical structure infused with global musical elements. While the project is yet to grace notable gigs or festivals, the recordings and productions, including the recent album, were curated within the confines of a creative enclave overlooking a rabbit burrow. The album’s concept revolves around sharing glimpses of the artist’s everyday worlds, translating sights and feelings into sound for others to briefly witness. As the artist aptly puts it, “I am an echo of light refraction fragments trapped between parallel mirrors. If only you could see me disappear, I would know I was at least seen once before I died by another living being.” ~ HSCM

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In the shadowy realm where indie-folk, dirty electronica, and arena rock converge, London-based artist and producer Harry Houseago crafts his enigmatic musical identity under the moniker h. eldritch. His latest single, “Innocent Sinner,” is a dark and mystical journey that intertwines mischievous lyricism with ingenious fingerstyle guitar, culminating in a colossal cinematic chorus.

H. eldritch

Harry’s musical odyssey in 2023 has been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by four captivating sets at the Glastonbury Festival and an insightful feature in Wonderland Magazine’s ‘New Noise.’ Describing his previous single, “Amateur Anthropology,” the magazine applauded the meticulous blend of acoustic guitar craftsmanship, inventive electronics, and a vocal range that oscillates between tender falsetto and powerful primal roars—a nod to the indie scene of the ’90s. “Innocent Sinner” emerges as h. eldritch’s most definitive artistic statement, a captivating tale of a mischievous romantic tryst woven into the fabric of a festival-sized soundscape. With evocative imagery, atmospheric nuances, and a mercurial vocal performance, the track draws parallels with musical luminaries like Jeff Buckley, Ben Howard, and the folkier elements of Led Zeppelin.

As the tension steadily builds throughout the song, it crescendos into a climactic explosion of fuzzed-out acoustic guitar, echoing Harry’s defiant mantra, “I am innocent.” As “Innocent Sinner” paves the way for what lies ahead, 2024 promises to be an extraordinary year for h. eldritch—where the ghost and the machines converge in a musical spectacle like no other.

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