London’s streets are pulsating with oversensitive anger as the heavy grunge sounds of the band take center stage. Led by singer-songwriter Noah Roovers, the lineup includes Ky Underhill on guitar, Jools on bass, and Matt Hocine on drums. The band’s journey began in 2022 when Noah and guitarist Shaurik Mishra, drawn together by shared musical tastes, recorded their first album before Shaurik returned to India.


Maintaining an air of mystery about their influences, the band has nonetheless made waves with notable gigs, including a sold-out show in East London and performances across the UK, with a gig at Dublin Castle slated for May 17, 2024. Their live experiences range from a singer passing out after extreme vocals to a guitarist breaking the singer’s tooth on stage in Dundee.

Recorded at The Premises Studio in London and produced by David Tither with sound engineer Neil Goody, the album embodies a heavy grunge ethos, channeling raw and intense emotions onto the streets of London. The focus tracks, “Buff,” “Buddy’s a Dud,” and “Shame on Humans,” delve into diverse themes, from self-pity to societal critique. “Look at Me” unleashes a rage against oneself, while “After I Was Born” introduces a more complex narrative, contributing to the band’s sonic exploration of London’s gritty musical landscape. With each track, the band weaves a grunge narrative that resonates with the fervor of the city they call home.

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In an unexpected collaboration, the renowned European dance band Army of Lovers has joined forces with Ukrainian burlesque sensation Olya Polyakova for a unique duet titled “Love is Blue.” This track will be featured on Army of Lovers’ forthcoming album, “Exodus,” slated for release on November 24—marking the legendary Swedish group’s return after a decade-long hiatus. Alexander Bard, the band’s ideologist, promises an exhilarating comeback accompanied by an extensive tour.

Olya Polyakova

Crafted by Alexander and renowned songwriter Anders Hansson, a former member of the 80s disco band Secret Service, the single “Love is Blue” has already made its mark on radio charts across various European countries. The collaboration was sparked when Olya Polyakova, a prominent Ukrainian singer, worked on English-language material in Anders’ Stockholm studio last year. Impressed by Olya’s charisma, Bard promptly proposed a duet.

“Love is Blue” stands as a power-pop anthem, seamlessly blending epic grandeur with clever self-irony. It serves as a fan service, satisfying those who have eagerly awaited the “new Crucified” for years, enriched by the resonant, powerful vocals of the Ukrainian diva. Olya Polyakova, a major pop star in Ukraine, is celebrated for her sold-out performances and spectacular shows. Recognized for her unique style that fuses hit songs with nostalgic 80s vibes, operatic vocals, humor, burlesque, and dazzling productions, Olya has carved a distinct niche in the pop scene. Her new persona as a feminine yet invincible Valkyrie, promoting values of peace, love, unity, and respect, has been a hit with audiences. In a notable move, Olya led the Pride march in London during the summer of 2023, leaving a lasting impression on participants and the press alike. As her career on the European pop scene ascends, Olya Polyakova has found a warm welcome within the LGBT+ community for her strength and extraordinary artistry.

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The latest offering from The Pulltops, “Make Me Smile,” is a captivating fusion of Pop, Indie, and Singer/Songwriter genres, characterized by delicate verses and an expansive chorus. A poignant love song, it distills its sentiment to a simple yet powerful message – “You will always be the one to make me smile.” This release introduces acoustic guitar and strings, infusing a more organic sound not previously explored in their earlier works.

The Pulltops

With “Make Me Smile,” The Pulltops mark their seventh single release this year, offering a preview of their ambitious plan to unveil a new single every six weeks for the next two years, culminating in a new EP after every fourth single. Hailing from Milwaukee, The Pulltops, a dynamic duo comprising drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell, seamlessly blend elements of Indie Rock, Power Pop, and Album Rock. The duo’s musical journey has been shaped by their eclectic record collections – while Pierret gravitates towards old country and soul, Crowell draws inspiration from the experimental and underground scenes. Despite these divergent influences, their shared love for pop music and strong hooks forms the foundation of their songwriting.

In addition to “Make Me Smile,” the band’s discography boasts the recent alternative rock single “Wide Awake.” A sonic testament to The Pulltops’ creative prowess, this release exemplifies their ability to infuse nostalgic influences with a contemporary twist. “Wide Awake” not only highlights the band’s musical evolution but also encourages listeners to embrace their personal awakenings and embark on a transformative journey alongside the music.

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Dame Zina, the captivating daughter-father duo, embarks on a mesmerizing journey with their upcoming third album, “Fairytales,” retaining their signature electro-rock style. Drawing comparisons to musical luminaries such as Portishead for their intimacy, Bjork for artpop brilliance, Rita Mitsouko for their eccentricity, and Kate Bush for ethereal high pitches, Dame Zina brings a unique blend of influences to their sonic tapestry.

Dame Zina

“Fairytales” is an exploration of womanhood and magic, delving into themes of music, femininity, freedom, acceptance, and the yearning to release daily pressures. The album showcases their penchant for experimentation, featuring elements of electro, artpop, and even venturing into fully atonal and dodecaphonic territory, culminating in a captivating folk-infused conclusion. As a daughter/father duo, Dame Zina’s creative synergy shines through, inviting listeners into their artistic world. The first single, “Witch Circle,” accompanied by a compelling music video, symbolizes women’s power through the lens of witchcraft. This new project promises an even more personal and intimate glimpse into Dame Zina’s inner thoughts and secret garden.

Remaining faithful to their electro-rock roots, the album spans across various styles, including artpop, synthpop, experimental, industrial rock, and spoken words, offering a multifaceted musical experience. The duo, consisting of Dame Zina as the vocalist and lyricist, and Y handling composition, instrumentation, and production, expresses themselves in both English and French, focusing on themes of feminism, freedom, and emotions. With their 2023 release, Dame Zina continues to captivate audiences, building on their earlier discography, which includes a debut album in 2020 and a second album featuring original songs and remixes. “Fairytales” promises to be a magical addition to their evolving musical narrative.

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Meet Sak_Slick, an emerging independent artist hailing from the scenic Oregon Coast, whose hunger for recognition propels his foray into the music scene. Struggling to break into the spotlight, Sak_Slick brings a unique blend of clever, dark, and insightful lyricism, complemented by synth-heavy, boom-bap reminiscent rap beats. The debut EP, “Clean Slate,” serves as a testament to his earnest pursuit as a solo artist. Sak_Slick, also known as Sakic Smith, assumes the roles of producer and vocalist, showcasing his versatility in both realms. Originating in Colorado, the artist later found his creative haven in the coastal landscapes of Oregon.


Influenced by the likes of Cal Scrubby, JID, Kenny Mason, and the Gorillaz, Sak_Slick’s music draws inspiration from diverse sources, contributing to a rich and dynamic sound.Recorded in his personal studio, the EP is a self-produced endeavor, highlighting Sak_Slick’s commitment to his craft. The project revolves around the ethos of trustworthiness and relatability, aiming to connect with the audience on a personal level, sharing in their struggles without promoting negativity.

Key tracks such as “Manifest Destiny” delve into finding guidance and purpose through the rap group StellarMindState, while “Mop Bucket Swag” reflects on the mundane aspects of manual labor and the importance of mindset. The title track, “Clean Slate,” symbolizes Sak_Slick’s debut as a solo artist, a fresh reboot of life. “Let it Grow” explores the theme of planting the seed of sobriety for self-control, and “B4TF (Bound for the Flow)” delves into accepting death in a way that almost embraces it. “Clean Slate” is merely the inaugural step in Sak_Slick’s journey, promising more to come from this aspiring artist.

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