On November 30th, 2023, San Jose-based artist Sam Feinstein unveiled his latest self-produced single, “Hamster Wheel,” a synth-pop anthem resonating with an unmistakable 80s vibe. Serving as a poignant commentary on the struggles of those ensnared in unfulfilling jobs while aspiring to the glamorous lifestyles perpetuated by the media, this release marks the inception of a series of meticulously crafted songs by Feinstein and his band, “The Monitors.” Known for their enthralling live performances, the band is poised for a dynamic return, blending rock and electronic influences into an experimental musical fusion.

Sam Feinstein

“Hamster Wheel” is more than just a song; it’s a heartfelt tribute to The Monitors, especially commemorating the memory of founding member Sam Foreman, whose departure led to a temporary hiatus. The band now resurfaces with renewed vigor, introducing Patrick Mannon and promising an invigorating and innovative sound. Penned and recorded by Feinstein during September and October, this DIY masterpiece encapsulates the struggles of individuals shackled to unfulfilling jobs. Feinstein elucidated, stating, “The song is for people who feel stuck in their jobs. Media portrays a luxury, aspirational lifestyle as the norm, and most people, especially younger generations, just can’t live up to it. So, this song gives voice to their frustrations.”


As the release date looms closer, fans can anticipate a captivating exploration of societal expectations and the yearning for a more authentic and fulfilling existence. “Hamster Wheel” emerges as a resonant expression, providing a voice to the silent struggles faced by many in the relentless pursuit of societal ideals.

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Italian singer-songwriter Marc joins forces with renowned DJ and producer Coke Beats for their captivating collaboration, “In My Dreams.” Released under prominent labels Generation Smash, Black Hole Recordings, and Ensis Records, the single delves into the complexities of love, transcending gender boundaries and portraying a compelling bisexual love story. Coke Beats and Marc, the talented duo behind the project, draw inspiration from artists like Medusa, Avicii, and Becky Hill, infusing their distinctive styles into a soulful rendition that resonates with universal themes.

Coke Beats

“In My Dreams” unfolds with emotive lyrics and evocative melodies, offering a poignant narrative where the protagonists grapple with the quest for genuine connection. Marc’s soulful performance captures the essence of the bisexual love story, creating a musical landscape that echoes the universal struggle for authentic and enduring love.

Coke Beats and Marc’s collaboration showcases their prowess in blending genres and creating a sound that is both distinctive and resonant. The track stands as a testament to their musical synergy, marking a significant milestone in their artistic journey. As Italian singer Marc eloquently puts it, “In My Dreams” is more than a song; it’s a heartfelt exploration of love’s complexities, beautifully crafted and universally relatable.


Renowned drummer and composer Eden Har-Gil unveils a captivating musical journey with the release of the debut single “Leaf.” This slow, dreamy, and melancholic instrumental piece introduces Har-Gil’s artistic prowess, featuring a stellar ensemble with Marshal Herridge on upright bass and Sora Kim on piano. The trio’s synergy weaves an intimate acoustic narrative, creating a soul-stirring experience that transcends musical boundaries. “Leaf” is a testament to Eden Har-Gil’s rhythmic finesse and creative depth. The composition invites listeners into an evocative realm, where each instrument contributes to the emotive tapestry of contemporary jazz. Available on various streaming platforms, the single reflects Har-Gil’s commitment to delivering immersive and enriching musical encounters.

Eden Har-Gil

Currently making waves in the New York music scene, Eden Har-Gil’s versatile talent extends beyond borders. Living between Israel and New York, he guides his trio to new heights, with monthly performances around the vibrant streets of the city. “Leaf” emerges as a landmark achievement, marking the drummer’s transition to bandleader. Inspired by a moment of serenity amidst the chaos of the world, “Leaf” is the culmination of five years of creative exploration. The track has undergone meticulous transformations, reaching its refined and current form, showcasing Har-Gil’s dedication to his craft.

Eden Har-Gil’s musical odyssey spans from a small community in the heart of Palestine/Israel to the bustling streets of New York. “Leaf” stands as the initial milestone in what promises to be an exciting and promising career. Stay tuned for more from this emerging jazz artist, as he continues to shape the landscape of contemporary music.

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In a raw and emotionally charged collaboration, the artist ALIA unveils a poignant cover of the debut single “I’m Getting Off.” This stripped-back rendition is a testament to the soulful synergy between ALIA and Steven Young, also known as Mr. Nobody, who have cultivated a unique and “brotherly” bond over the past year.


“I’m Getting Off” emanates a fierce and violently emotional live ambience, featuring Steven’s poetic electric guitar accompaniment and ALIA’s howling vocals that strike at the core of the listener’s emotions. The lyrics carry a profound strength, conveying a message of unity in the face of the challenges prevalent in our world – be it on a global humanity level, political, mental health, or within personal relationships and family dynamics. ALIA’s solo journey finds its roots in the collaborative efforts with Steven Young, who played a pivotal role in producing and engineering ALIA’s first release, “Soho Sessions . Side A.” The choice to cover Steven’s song “I’m Getting Off,” written when he was 16, aligns seamlessly with the shared message and life story they aim to convey through their art.

The release date, strategically set during the Christmas season, holds a deeper meaning. Recognizing the challenges many individuals face during this time, ALIA and Steven intend for “I’m Getting Off” to serve as a healing anthem for those grappling with various struggles in the current climate. Through their music, ALIA and Steven extend a message of hope, emphasizing that light can be born from darkness and encouraging listeners not to fear the battles they may confront.

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In anticipation of the festive season, British music icon LIMAHL unwraps a revamped holiday classic, presenting “One Wish For Christmas,” a refreshed rendition of his beloved track “London for Christmas” originally released in 2012. Scheduled for release on November 13th, the updated version infuses the perennial favorite with a contemporary perspective, taking into account the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic.


While the original song painted a romantic picture set against the backdrop of London’s iconic landmarks, the new rendition retains the scenic setting but infuses it with a nostalgic longing for Christmases past. Limahl, reflecting on the impact of COVID-19, saw an opportunity to enhance the song’s relevance by incorporating themes of shared experiences, such as the inability to travel, indulge in a romantic city break, or enjoy cultural and entertainment activities.

The updated “One Wish For Christmas” features lush strings, orchestral arrangements, and refined vocals, elevating the song to new heights. Limahl, along with co-writers Jon Nickoll and Ian Curnow, embraced the creative process during the lockdown, breathing fresh life into the composition after eight years since its inception. Expressing his love for Christmas and drawing inspiration from classic holiday tunes, Limahl reveals that crafting his own festive song has long been a cherished goal. “One Wish For Christmas” emerges as a heartfelt gift to listeners, weaving together the magic of the season with poignant reflections on the challenges and aspirations of the present moment.

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Breaking into the music scene with a powerful debut, The Listros, comprised of brothers Sean and Evan Listro, unveil their rock anthem “Into The Otherside.” Independently released and eager to collaborate with playlist curators, the Toronto-based duo infuses their modern rock sound with influences from iconic industrial and grunge bands of the 90s, including Nine Inch Nails, Muse, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Nirvana.

The Listros

With a sonic landscape reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood, YUNGBLUD, and Tame Impala, The Listros have already made waves in the music scene. The dynamic duo, seasoned performers, recently sold out Toronto’s El Mocambo (400 cap) while showcasing tracks from their debut unsigned EP. Drawing inspiration from their shared passion for rock and the compelling dynamics of electronic music, The Listros have crafted a distinct sound that merges the beloved elements of classic rock with a contemporary and accessible twist. Their music, ranging from hard-hitting rock anthems echoing Nirvana to hook-driven choruses reminiscent of The Arctic Monkeys and sonically impressive psychedelic journeys a la Tame Impala, promises a diverse and captivating listening experience.

“Into The Otherside” not only marks a promising debut for The Listros but also showcases their ability to connect with today’s audiences through a fusion of timeless rock influences and a modern sonic approach. As they embark on this musical journey, The Listros invite listeners to join them on an exhilarating ride through the vibrant landscape of their debut single.

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