Gary Dranow unveils the remastered version of the title track from his album “Destiny Road,” now presented as the captivating “Destiny Road (Remix).” Klim Apalkov takes the reins for the entire album’s remastering and assumes the role of lead vocalist on all remastered tracks. Anticipation builds as more than thirty new songs are set to be unveiled weekly starting in January 2024. Additionally, Gary Dranow and Chris Zoupa have embarked on an exciting EDM venture named Astralix, with their debut single “Lost and Found” scheduled for release on December fourteenth.

Gary Dranow

Hailing from Utah, USA, Gary Dranow leads the band, The Manic Emotions, showcasing their versatility in genres from Alt Rock to Hard Rock, blending English and Ukrainian songs. The international ensemble includes Jason Jones on drums and video production from Melbourne, Australia, Chris Zoupa on guitar, bass, and arrangements, Roman Burda on Blues Harp and Ukrainian Music direction, Klim Apalkov on vocals, mixing, mastering, and translation, and Mykhailo Kapustei on translation. The band draws inspiration from a diverse range of influences, spanning from Jimi Hendrix to Oasis, offering a musical journey through Straight Up Blues, Blues Rock, Alternative Rock, and Hard Rock.

Already making waves, the band claims the number-one English Rock song in Ukraine, with the Ukrainian version released worldwide. The accompanying official music video for the Ukrainian version, available on Gary’s YouTube channel, has garnered a massive response. In the midst of musical endeavors, the band faced an interesting decision regarding the inclusion of the harp in “The Cry of War – Ukraine,” ultimately leading to a Ukrainian rebellion when initially considered for removal. The band’s recognition of the cultural significance of this element highlights their commitment to authenticity. As the release date for “Destiny Road (Remix)” approaches, Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions, along with Astralix, invite fans to join them on this musical journey, promising a fusion of nostalgia, emotion, and the unyielding spirit of rock.

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“Born in Suriname (Work)” stands as a testament to Samora’s ability to infuse her music with personal experiences and profound messages. The single, released on November 24th, carries a poignant narrative that reflects Samora’s journey, from her roots in Suriname to her pursuit of dreams in Europe. The song is not just a musical expression but a philosophical reflection on life’s challenges and the strength required to overcome them. The lyrics delve into themes of self-discovery, resilience, and taking control of one’s destiny. Samora encourages listeners to view their lives as ships with themselves as captains, emphasizing the importance of steering through challenges with inner strength. The track serves as a motivational anthem, urging individuals to embrace their dreams and navigate their own paths to success.


Musically, “Born in Suriname (Work)” exhibits Samora’s versatility and creativity. The reggae-infused soundscape, enriched by diverse musical influences, creates a captivating backdrop for the powerful lyrics. Samora’s soulful and emotive vocals, coupled with the rhythmic and melodic elements, deliver a unique and immersive listening experience. The release date on Suriname Independence Day, November 25, 2023, adds a layer of significance to the song, aligning with Samora’s roots and creating a meaningful connection between her art and the cultural context.

With plans for an accompanying music video, “Born in Suriname (Work)” is not just a single; it’s a statement of Samora’s artistic identity and a celebration of her growth as a musician. As she continues to resonate with audiences globally, this single marks another milestone in Samora’s promising career, offering a glimpse into the depth and authenticity that defines her musical expression.

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Brooklyn-based experimental electronic trio Elisha, comprising Elisha Henis Miklosh (synth), Yonatan Farhi (bass), and Shai Yuval (drums), has dropped their latest track, “Jump Start.” The single offers a distinctive fusion of jazz and techno, showcasing the band’s expertise in both genres. With a catchy beat and an air of spontaneity, “Jump Start” introduces a fresh sound to the dance scene, setting it apart from typical tracks in the genre.

Pink Noize, the creative force behind Elisha, brings a unique blend of rhythms and danceable beats, creating an immersive listening experience. The trio’s experimental approach to electronic music pushes the boundaries, resulting in a track that’s not only new and innovative but also primed for the dancefloor. Comprising musicians deeply influenced by the likes of James Blake, Now Vs Now, and Big Yuki, Elisha draws inspiration from artists who infuse a “live” essence into electronic dance music. This influence is evident in the band’s ethos, aiming to capture the dynamic energy of their live performances in their recorded music.

“Jump Start” is more than just a dance track; it’s a sonic journey that seamlessly combines acoustic elements with heavy electronic production. As Pink Noize explores the intersections of jazz and techno, listeners are invited to experience the depth and uniqueness of Elisha’s musical style. For those seeking a sound that transcends the ordinary, “Jump Start” is a track worth exploring, offering a blend of genres that promises a distinctive and engaging auditory adventure.

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New York, NY (November 11, 2023) – Emerging indie artist Isabella Dussias has unveiled her latest single, “Honest,” marking her distinctive presence in the indie music scene. Released on November 11, 2023, “Honest” is an emotive and soul-stirring indie pop ballad with folk influences, offering a poignant exploration of heartbreak and vulnerability in the context of manipulation.

Isabella Dussias

Isabella Dussias brings a soul-baring musical journey to the bustling indie scene of New York City. Her heartfelt lyrics and evocative melodies in “Honest” resonate with listeners, creating an immersive experience that captures the essence of raw emotion. The single not only showcases Dussias’ vocal prowess but also her ability to craft narratives that connect on a deeply personal level. As a rising star, Isabella Dussias is making waves with her authentic and heartfelt approach to songwriting. “Honest” stands as a testament to her ability to navigate the complexities of human emotion through music. With its indie pop charm and folk-infused undertones, the single invites audiences into a world where vulnerability is embraced, and the power of honesty takes center stage.

Isabella Dussias’ “Honest” is more than just a song; it’s a glimpse into the soul of an artist who is carving her path in the indie music landscape, leaving an indelible mark with each note and lyric. As she continues to captivate audiences, Dussias’ journey promises to unfold with authenticity and creativity, offering music lovers a refreshing and genuine musical experience.

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