Prepare to be swept away on a sonic journey as SAMBOX unveils the mesmerizing single ‘Imagination,’ a collaborative masterpiece featuring the exceptional talents of cellist Anita Barbereau. This enchanting chillout track invites listeners to step into the imaginative realm of a contemplative child, whose gaze gets lost in the vastness of the ocean while dreaming of soaring to the distant horizons of the sky.


The seamless fusion of Anita Barbereau’s delicate cello notes with SAMBOX’s haunting piano melodies creates a rich soundscape that encapsulates the very essence of escapism. ‘Imagination’ extends an open invitation to liberate the mind, encouraging thoughts to wander freely and explore an inner world saturated with hope and tranquility. This musical composition acts as a beautiful tapestry that captures the purity of childhood innocence. Each note serves as a call to embark on an adventurous journey, where the narrative unfolds like a poignant tale of a child yearning to ascend to a more serene world. The emotional delicacy woven into the melody establishes an intimate connection with the listener, prompting them to traverse the boundless landscapes of imagination.

Beyond being a mere song, ‘Imagination’ is a sensory experience that transports its audience to horizons where the enchantment of music converges with the serenity of contemplation. Allow yourself to be carried away by this musical ballad, and you’ll discover a world where dreams materialize through melody, and hope takes on a symphonic form. SAMBOX and Anita Barbereau invite you to immerse yourself in the magic of ‘Imagination,’ where every note resonates with the promise of a better, more harmonious future.

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