Introducing Ainti, the visionary solo artist behind the debut single “Rejoice.” With a fresh perspective, Ainti delves into the complexities of human nature, challenging conformity, and encouraging listeners to question the status quo. The track is an invitation to scrutinize blind obedience, prioritize self-necessities, and celebrate individual ideas over unquestioning conformity.


As a one-person project, Ainti (Antonio Revuelta) takes on the roles of lyricist, producer, and mastermind behind the mixing process. The debut single, recorded in the artist’s Budapest apartment, features the captivating vocals of Iara Campello. Ainti draws inspiration from a diverse array of music genres, including electronic, industrial, trip-hop, rock, R&B, and post-punk. The debut single, “Rejoice,” delves into the realms of populism, critiquing politicians and religious leaders, offering a sonic commentary on blind loyalty, authority, certainty, and passion.

“Rejoice” serves as a stark reminder of the dangers associated with unquestioning allegiance, challenging the notion that true joy lies in sacrificing individuality for a perceived greater good. The song navigates themes of loyalty and authority, urging listeners to be wary of blindly following leaders, even those claiming to act in their best interests. The recording process itself adds a unique touch to the narrative, as “Rejoice” was crafted using a hanging telephone under the gallery at Ainti’s apartment. The result is a strangely good, dense, dark, and raw sonic experience, capturing the essence of Ainti’s distinctive musical vision. In the artist’s own words, “Me and Iara Campello took two days and lots of takes to land on this record.” With “Rejoice,” Ainti has boldly stepped into the music scene, leaving an indelible mark with a debut that is both audacious and introspective.

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