Angerland is a London-based band that released their new single, “Neon Dead”, before their concert with Evil Blizzard at the Theatre of Stockton, Georgia. This song is part of their first album, which was released in October. It was recorded with producer Tim Hamper at Viva Recorders.


Neon Band is inspired by iconic bands like Killing Joke and Ruts DC, which mix their wonderful sounds with the great energy of thrash music. This song reflects the concept of feeling numb emotionally. This theme was summarized by this phrase: “One death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic”. This message is brought about by a video created by Mike Coles, one of the greatest video makers. Now this band consists of five members, and they are excited to launch their first album and perform at their upcoming shows.

Bass player Kermit attends Evil Blizzard concerts, especially waiting for the show in Stockton on July 6th. The new song by Angerland is evidence of their unique sound. The band is ready to set fire to the music scene with their debut album. To watch “Neon Dead”, visit YouTube and follow Angerland on their social media platforms for the latest updates.

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