Carsten Schnell emerges with his latest single “Heiss!”, seamlessly blending the nostalgic electronic beats of the early 90s with the vibrant pulse of contemporary dance music. This track is a high-octane anthem, perfect for igniting dance floors or uplifting spirits on balmy summer mornings. In an era overshadowed by climate change, its catchy rhythms evoke thoughts of sweltering heat and the need to groove through it.

Carsten Schnell

Trapt, consisting of Chris Taylor Brown on vocals and guitar, Peter Charell on bass, Shawn Sonnenschein on guitar, and Mitch Moore on drums, hail from Northern California, forming their bond during high school. Influenced by grunge, nu metal, and 80s rock, their music reflects a diverse palette of inspirations. Currently wrapping up the “Parental Advisory Tour” alongside Josey Scott, Adema, and Tantric, Trapt has been teasing fans with monthly releases leading up to their highly anticipated album, “The Fall”. Reflecting on personal evolution and resilience, lead vocalist Chris Taylor Brown describes the album as a testament to navigating change and emerging stronger.

“The Fall” is not just an album but a journey through self-discovery in tumultuous times. As Brown aptly puts it, “‘The Fall’ is a collection of songs written during a time of great change. It was hard to ebb and flow with a brave new world but it’s through this experience that we make ourselves better people.” In “Heiss!”, Carsten Schnell and Trapt offer a compelling fusion of old and new, resonating with anyone seeking to find rhythm amidst chaos and warmth in the heat of the moment.

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