Raw Talent, a rapper from North Carolina, is getting attention for his new song, “Rain”. He grew up loving music and was inspired by many styles, like hip-hop, R&B, jazz, rock, and pop. He was especially fascinated by Michael Jackson’s dancing, which led him to rap music. This genre spoke to him because of his surroundings. Raw Talent started making music at 12 or 13, practicing with friends through freestyle rap battles. His love for music grew stronger with time. At first, he followed popular trends, but as he grew up, he created his own style, called “Vibe rap”. His message is simple, “Do what makes you happy and ignore those who bring you down”.

                                                                                       RAW TALENT

“Rain” is a sexy and danceable song that combines R&B and pop styles. Raw Talent uses the idea of rain to show how something unpleasant can become enjoyable when shared with someone special. The song has a literal and figurative meaning, playing on the idea that rain can be both unwanted weather and a romantic atmosphere. Raw Talent wrote and rapped the song “Rain”. Siphiwe M. sang the vocals, and Jake Reddin produced the beat. They worked together on this project through the online platforms Fiverr and Beatstars. Raw Talent showed his openness to collaboration by working with artists from different music genres, stepping out of his comfort zone. Raw Talent recorded, mixed, and finalized “Rain” in his own home studio. This song is part of an album that showcases his songwriting skills and versatility. He finished the entire album in just two months, proving his hard work and love for music.

Raw Talent is not only making music but also working on an animated TV series that combines music, animation, and comedy. The series will debut later this year and feature both new and well-known artists, giving them a chance to share their music and personalities with a wider audience.

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