Chandra from Bristol will release a new song called “Lifted” on July 19, 2024. They are known for their catchy and upbeat music with positive messages. Their newest, wonderful summer song will make you feel joyful and uplifted. The song “Lifted” is about feeling joyful on days when everything goes well. It’s like when you catch your train on time, have a sunny day off, or have fun with friends at a festival.


The singer, Chandra Nair, wrote the song to make people feel great, no matter what’s happening in their day. Chandra has four members, Keith on drums, Chris on bass, Rock on guitar, and Chandra as the lead singer. They have written some popular songs like “Pretty”, “Smile”, and “I’ll Be There”. Their new song, “Lifted”, is also catchy and makes you happy.

The “Lifted” music video coming out on July 19 shows real people having their best days. The band wanted the video to show the happiness and positivity in the song. The video, depicting genuine happiness among real people, aims to bring a smile to your face. Chandra and Elliot Vaughan worked together to produce “Lifted”, the main song on Chandra’s first EP, which is coming out later this summer. The band hopes this song makes you cheerful and inspires you to share positivity with others. Don’t miss this joyful song. Save “Lifted” now, and get ready to sing and feel the summer happiness.

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