A talented artist named “Nelda” has released her third single, “In Between Two Worlds”, for her upcoming album about choosing to move away. This album will be released at the end of July. This pop-jazz song is part of a 12-song collection with 10 co-writers and two solo songs.


“In Between Two Worlds” is not only a song; it is her final year research-based project for her master’s degree. This song will take you through the complex emotions and experiences of living between two worlds. Although the song is complex, it is simple to understand, making it simple for people to relate. The lyrics of this song reflect the feeling of being caught emotionally and physically between two places. Nelda sings about being alone, thinking alone, and existing as old and new.

This song explores the tornness between two worlds while finding a place in both. The mix of pop and jazz in Nelda’s music makes this song attractive to listeners. She expresses deep emotions through her music, so her song “In-between Two Worlds” is a standout track. Nelda’s upcoming albums promise to be thoughtful and emotional journeys, and “In Between Two Worlds” is evidence of this.

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