Introducing an entrancing musical endeavor that artfully captures the intricate blend of anxiety and hope in our modern world.

Noteworthy bassist Quinn Sternberg, recognized for his exploration of Cicada Songs last year, returns with a captivating new album, “Walking on Eggshells.” In this contemporary jazz venture, Quinn delves into the complexities of the modern psyche, tracing the journey from space pioneers to our cautious steps in daily life. The album unfolds as a serene and groove-infused sonic tapestry, expertly crafted by Quinn and his accomplished ensemble.

Quinn Sternberg

Embark on an expedition through “Walking on Eggshells,” a musical narrative that encapsulates the essence of our current existence. Candidly portraying the uncertainty that permeates life, Quinn subtly weaves threads of optimism into the fabric of chaos.Following the success of “Cicada Songs” in 2022, Quinn Sternberg, bassist and composer, presents a fresh collection of meticulously conceived and performed tracks. This album delves deep into the intricate psyche of contemporary living, sculpted through the collaborative alchemy of musical creation.

The lead single, “Walking On Eggshells,” showcases echoes of Radiohead’s influence. This modern rock-infused piece, driven by the rhythmic pulse of drummer Peter Varnado, carries distinct layers. Sam Taylor’s saxophone introduces a lilting verse melody, gracefully transitioning to a chorus-like passage marked by the oscillation of two notes over cascading chords, emblematic of uncertainty. Nahum Zdybel’s guitar solo and a harmonically shifting bridge augment the intricate narrative.The album also unveils “Yuri Gagarin,” a captivating track envisioning the emotional journey of the first human in space. Sternberg’s musical rendition skillfully echoes the sensations of weightlessness and rocket ascent.A tantalizing teaser, “Meadow’s Murmur,” exudes cautious optimism. Commencing with Sternberg’s eloquent bass introduction, the track seamlessly interlaces instruments, underscoring the band’s synergistic cohesion.

Beyond being a mere compilation of songs, “Walking on Eggshells” manifests as a profound artistic statement. A testament to Quinn Sternberg’s evolving musical odyssey, it mirrors the intricate tapestry of contemporary life—its intricacies, uncertainties, and glimpses of hope—woven into resonant melodies and intricate harmonies.

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Presenting a sincere musical venture that emerges from a place of honesty and passion, transcending the allure of culture and fame. Straying from conventional ambitions, Chris Barnes embarks on a genuine musical journey driven by true devotion.Meet the creative force, Chris Barnes, orchestrating every instrument with unparalleled dedication. The genesis of this venture traces back to his very existence at birth.

Lucifers Beard

Influenced by the timeless melodies of the Beatles and an array of life’s experiences, Chris weaves compositions that emanate raw emotion. The path has led to notable milestones, including airplay on platforms like BBC Radio, Dash Radio, and recognition from blogs featured on Hype Machine.Behind the scenes, an endearing touch adds warmth – Chris’s loyal labrador accompanies him during the creative process. The single takes shape within Chris’s personal studio, employing analog equipment, and attains its sonic zenith through meticulous mastering at a boutique establishment in Leeds, UK.Chris’s guiding philosophy is succinct yet profound – a commitment to crafting genuine music using authentic tools. His mixing approach strives to amplify the emotional narratives woven into each piece. The heart of the song “Frog Class” mirrors the cyclical nature of seasons, friendships, and the tapestry of life’s events. It echoes the universal rhythm of change.

In defining his musical identity, Chris Barnes playfully quips, “An award-winning mixing/producer extraordinaire?!” A statement that encapsulates the depth of his artistry and the sentiments he channels into his work.Amidst the currents of trend-driven music, Chris Barnes stands as a symbol of authenticity, fashioning melodies from the core of genuine passion. His commitment to heartfelt storytelling and evocative harmonies resonates on a profoundly human level.

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Presenting our inaugural album following the successful release of two singles in 2021. We are a burgeoning indie band committed to progression, actively working on our forthcoming 10-track collection scheduled for a 2024 unveiling. Our sonic identity is distinctly ours, encompassing a diverse range of styles and fearlessly embracing experimentation

Arson Whales

Making a dynamic entry, Arson Whales, the indie rock sensation, proudly reveals their long-awaited album “Galatopus.” Comprising Linda Brancato (vocals, guitar, synth), Joe Kimberlin (lead guitar), Brad Penner (bass), and Stephen Linn (drums, vocals), Arson Whales captivate with their distinct fusion of rock, psychedelic, EMP, and pop influences. Hailing from the vibrant music enclave of Northern California, this skilled ensemble has been enchanting audiences through mesmerizing live performances across California and Nevada.”Galatopus” underscores the band’s exceptional songwriting skills, showcasing a dynamic array of tracks that effortlessly traverse the musical spectrum. From irresistible hooks to evocatively atmospheric melodies, Arson Whales have masterminded a captivating sonic voyage that will undoubtedly leave fans yearning for more.

Initial industry appraisals have been generous in acclaiming “Galatopus” as a pivotal moment for Arson Whales. Critics commend the band’s consummate musicianship, the enchanting vocal prowess of Linda Brancato, and their seamless melding of diverse genres into a cohesive and inventive sound. This album is poised to solidify their ascent in the indie rock realm.

In celebration of “Galatopus,” Arson Whales are embarking on an exhilarating series of live performances across Northern California and Nevada. Audiences can anticipate an unforgettable concert experience as the band brings their vibrant energy and compelling stage presence to each venue they grace.

“Galatopus” is accessible on major streaming platforms and available for purchase through the official website, Music enthusiasts and devoted fans alike are encouraged to immerse themselves in the sonic marvels woven by Arson Whales.


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OG Status, also known as Okye Glaze Status, embodies raw energy and genuine vibes (RNS), seamlessly blended with my age’s essence. The first track, a product of Trenchbaby Slim and Lizgin beats, radiates the confidence of stuntin’ and swag, representing the epitome of Okye’s style – a mix of flight and finesse.Fronted by Stoopid Swagg OG, the rapper who’s all about authenticity, OG Status finds its roots in Memphis, a place close to his heart. Drawing inspiration from legends like 3-6 Mafia, Do or Die, and UGK, OG Status brings forth a unique blend of influences.

OG Status

With a rap sheet that includes radio plays on stations like Plan A Radio and modifm, along with a presence on LiveMixtapes, OG Status’s journey is peppered with memorable moments. From signing a deal at 25 to collaborating with Snootie Wild and being a prominent LiveMixtapes artist, his rise is nothing short of impactful.The single was crafted at Union Recording Studio Hollywood, with Trenchbaby Slim and Lizgin beats on production duty. The song “Stuntin on a Bitch” stands as a testament to perseverance and hard-earned success. A celebration of the grind paying off and a reminder to embrace one’s blessings.

In the words of Stoopid Swagg OG, “Now I see why these n****s be hating like a b****. Stoopdj swagg ran up that bag, don’t mean to brag, I did it quick.” OG Status exudes the essence of authenticity and swag that’s bound to resonate.

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Bristol, UK’s very own Chandra is making waves with his latest single, ‘Pretty’, a pop-rock anthem that carries a powerful message of self-acceptance and individuality. Following the success of his April release, ‘Lighters To The Sky’, Chandra continues to captivate audiences with his distinctive singer-songwriter style.


Hailed by a prominent music blogger for his remarkable voice and captivating timbre, Chandra’s vocal prowess takes center stage in ‘Pretty’. The song’s melodic pop-rock arrangement and emotive lyrics create an uplifting experience that resonates deeply.

Released on August 4th, 2023, ‘Pretty’ is more than just a track – it’s an invitation to embrace one’s uniqueness and challenge conventional standards of beauty. The song serves as a euphoric protest against societal pressures and encourages listeners to find confidence in their authentic selves.Supported by both PR efforts and digital streaming platforms, ‘Pretty’ is set to make a significant impact. Accompanying the song is an eagerly awaited music video, which promises to enhance the already compelling narrative.

Chandra’s music is not only about melodies; it’s about empowerment and breaking barriers. With ‘Pretty’, he continues to solidify his place in the industry, delivering a resonant message of empowerment through his powerful sound.

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