In times of adversity, seeking spiritual guidance becomes a beacon of hope for many. I, too, found solace during a personal crisis, compounded by the loss of my deeply spiritual grandparents. Their tales of Mount Meron, the sacred center of Kabbalah in Israel, resonated within me. Each year, on Lag Baomer, thousands converge there to connect with the ancient wisdom of Kabbalists. I discovered that by closing my eyes and opening my mind, Meron’s profound energy would fill my soul, guiding my way.

Josh Tepper

Enter Josh Tepper, a talented singer poised to release a Kabbalistic Anthem paying homage to the spiritual Mount Meron on July 27th. This enchanting melody will grace all major streaming platforms. Hailing from the vibrant city of New York, Josh honed his vocal skills at the prestigious Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. Continuing his artistic journey at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, he pursued Cinema Studies.

With prior tracks like “Built Me,” “Always Everywhere,” “Poison Apple,” and “Walking In Memphis,” Josh Tepper’s musical prowess promises a captivating and spiritual experience for listeners worldwide.

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London’s well-loved rock band, Shooting Galleries, is on the brink of unveiling their most anticipated creation yet – the highly awaited ‘Swan Song.’ Already a favorite among their devoted fans during live shows, this new masterpiece was expertly produced by the renowned Chris Hope.

Shooting Galleries

The genesis of ‘Swan Song’ dates back to about a year ago when Jimmy, the band’s skilled guitarist, introduced a mesmerizing slow melodic riff that became the soul of the song. As the melody developed, the track naturally evolved into an emotional, triumphant, and powerful piece. With a mature and intelligently crafted lyricism, ‘Swan Song’ solidifies Shooting Galleries’ position as one of London’s most promising bands.

Brandon, the talented songwriter and lead vocalist, offered insights into the track, exploring the theme of facing life’s crossroads and inner struggles. It delves into the delicate balance between societal expectations and authentic self-expression, celebrating the courage to reveal one’s true self regardless of perceptions.

Comprising Brandon, Brad on bass guitar, Jimmy on guitar and vocals, Iggy on lead guitar, and Ross on drums, Shooting Galleries emerged during the global pandemic, rapidly earning sold-out shows at esteemed venues like The O2 Academy Islington, The Old Blue Last, and The Camden Assembly.

Renowned for their sharp riffs and commanding vocals, the band rose to fame with the release of their ‘Atone’ EP last year. ‘Swan Song’ heralds a new era for this captivating and ambitious five-piece ensemble.

With more tracks already recorded for future releases and the potential for a European tour ahead, Shooting Galleries stand tall with boundless potential. Prepare to be captivated by their undeniable talent as they continue to conquer hearts and stages with their electrifying performances.

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Unveiling the captivating music venture, Jeán et Joie, emerges as the brainchild of Grey Jeán, an artist and songwriter. Their music emanates a melancholic folk essence intertwined with a glimmer of optimism. Through their songs, they fuse uncomplicated instrumentals with poetic storytelling, embracing a stream-of-consciousness style. A common thread runs through their compositions, exploring celestial realms, the beauty of nature, personal encounters, and an unwavering emotional authenticity.

Jeán et Joie,

Grey Jeán’s upbringing was steeped in music, nurtured by three musically gifted sisters whose harmonies and hymns drew from their Catholic upbringing. Amidst the challenges of a teenage life in Mountain Home, Arkansas, Grey discovered solace in self-expression through music, nurturing their own compositions.

Their musical journey evolved through choirs, open mic events, and virtual performances during the pandemic. Collaborations with Teeming Dreams and the birth of Jeán et Joie, alongside partner Gabrielle Néla and the accomplished drummer-guitar duo Ikaika and Dash from Flamango Bay, marked significant milestones. Now rooted in North Carolina, they anticipate the 2023 release of their EP “Bramble,” featuring the preluding singles “Glory Be” and “Fried Rice.” The evocative melodies and heartfelt narratives of Jeán et Joie stand poised to captivate a global audience.

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Introducing a surge of high-energy music that mirrors the pulse of our current world state, with hopes that it resonates with your senses. Let’s acquaint you with the talents that shape this electrifying musical entity. At the forefront stands Dax, the charismatic lead vocalist driving the momentum.Emerging from Wichita, Kansas, the band’s origins took root, cultivating a sound that draws from a diverse range of influences across the musical spectrum. Their musical odyssey has graced prominent stages – from the renowned Calgary Stampede to the grandeur of the Canadian Country Music Awards. Their presence isn’t confined to live performances alone; it has reverberated through the airwaves and television screens.


The genesis of their single unfolds in Canada, a fertile ground for nurturing artistic expression. This track captures the essence of our current era, born from the collective sentiment of the contemporary milieu.

Delve into the core ethos behind the single- an artistic response to the intricate fabric of our world today. The song delves into the currents of existence, offering a melodic perspective on our surroundings.Behind the scenes, intriguing tales might surround the recording process. An EP is on the horizon, accompanied by the promise of an upcoming tour. Anticipation builds, and the air is charged with excitement.Embark on a musical journey that mirrors our present reality. This release serves as a testament to the times we navigate, channeled through the fervent creativity of this musical ensemble. Keep an ear out for the EP and the unfolding adventure that lies ahead in their musical expedition.

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Tim Tye’s Midnight Sky has recently unleashed their highly anticipated third album, “Last Hope for the Modern World,” which made its debut on July 9th, 2023. This compelling compilation of original compositions seamlessly intertwines Tim Tye’s emotive songwriting with exceptional musical craftsmanship and resonant vocals. The album’s title track stands out as the lead single, garnering attention on the airwaves.

Tim Tye

Delving into the song’s essence, Tim Tye shares, “While the idea of love being paramount isn’t groundbreaking, I believe I’ve managed to offer a novel perspective, subtly alluding to the current global landscape.”Crafting from the rich tapestries of country and rock traditions, as well as his personal life experiences, Tim has meticulously woven an album poised to make a profound impact. From the heartfelt title track to the buoyant notes of “Every Now and Then,” and the contemplative undertones of “The Tavern Song,” each composition on “Last Hope for the Modern World” takes listeners on an intimate voyage through life’s highs and lows.With a background spanning law for 45 years, Tim Tye is no newcomer to the artistic arena. Having embraced his renewed musical dedication after his single status in 2017, he delved into his creative reservoir, birthing new melodies to share with the world.

“Last Hope for the Modern World” signifies more than just an album; it’s an emotional outpouring, a personal proclamation from an artist with a narrative to communicate. The album stands as a testament to Tim Tye’s musical resurgence and his unwavering desire to share his artistic vision with an ever-awaiting audience.

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