Introducing a soul-stirring journey through the rhythm and vibes of the Caribbean. Immerse yourself in 10 conscious, captivating original songs (Radical Son – Back to Roots), meticulously crafted to touch your hearts and minds.

Emmanuel Carlos St.Omer

From infectious grooves to heartfelt lyrics, this album brings the essence of reggae to life, delivering a unique blend of authenticity and modernity. Each track is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of reggae, while embracing contemporary elements that appeal to diverse audiences.

Join me on this musical odyssey like Bob Marley & Peter Tosh, spreading the uplifting melodies and positive messages to listeners across the globe. Let’s unite through the power of music and celebrate the universal language of love and unity. Let my reggae rhythms be a part of this extraordinary journey that transcends borders and connects souls. Together, we’ll create a harmonic wave of positivity that resonates far and wide.

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Melanie Pierce, the captivating singer/songwriter hailing from Detroit, MI, who has been making waves in the indie/folk/pop/alternative music scene for the past three years. Melanie is a talent to watch, and she’s about to unleash her latest gem upon the world – “flame,” the first single off her upcoming EP, set to release later this year.

Melanie Pierce

“flame” is an emotional journey, touching on themes of letting go of what doesn’t serve you and battling feelings of inadequacy. With heartfelt lyrics and a mesmerizing vocal delivery, Melanie’s single promises to resonate deeply with listeners.

Having already achieved success with her single “Illusions,” amassing over 36,000 streams on Spotify, Melanie is no stranger to recognition. Her artistry has caught the attention of prestigious showcases like Writer’s Block Songwriter Showcase and Breaking Sound, taking her on a musical voyage across the country.

With a genuine connection to her audience at the core of her career, Melanie’s passion for music is evident in every performance. Her down-to-earth stage presence and poetic lyrics make her live shows a must-see experience.

As Melanie gears up for the release of her EP “Stir Crazy” in October 2023, her fan base continues to grow steadily. With regular postings on social media, including her engaging series “Music On Social Meads,” Melanie fosters an even deeper connection with her audience, making them a part of her musical journey.

Get ready to be swept away by the soul-stirring melodies of Melanie Pierce. As “flame” ignites on August 1st, 2023, prepare to be entranced by her evocative soundscapes and heartfelt storytelling. With her EP on the horizon, Melanie is undoubtedly an artist to keep on your radar. The future of indie/folk/alternative music shines brightly with Melanie Pierce leading the way.

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Indie-Americana singer-songwriter Meghan Pulles has already released her deeply moving single “mamma” as part of her latest album “ear baby.” Hailing from Nashville, TN, Meghan’s heartfelt music has been making a significant impact and connecting with audiences worldwide.

Meghan Pulles

The song “mamma,” which dropped on July 21st, delves into the intricate journey of reconnecting with one’s inner child and grappling with the emotional aftermath of feeling abandoned by parental figures. This powerful track holds a central place in Meghan’s album, as it explores the theme of generational trauma within families.

With her emotive vocals and authentic storytelling, Meghan Pulles has crafted a musical experience that resonates with anyone who has experienced feelings of neglect from those they expected love from. “ear baby” promises to take listeners on an introspective and emotive ride, showcasing Meghan’s genuine artistry and dedication to her craft.

As she continues to make her mark in the indie-Americana scene, Meghan invites listeners to immerse themselves in her music, embracing the raw vulnerability and compelling narratives she shares with the world. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to discover the captivating sounds of Meghan Pulles and her album “ear baby,” now available on major streaming platforms.

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