Proklaim, the emerging artist making waves in the music scene, has just unveiled his latest creation, the soulful and reflective rap masterpiece titled “STARFALL.” This melodic journey into introspection reveals Proklaim’s artistry, drawing inspiration from influential figures like Lauryn Hill, Tupac, Jay-z, and Nas.


Notably, Proklaim has already left an imprint on the music landscape with an appearance on MTV Base in the visually compelling “Kingz” video. However, it’s “STARFALL” that truly showcases the artist’s depth and musical prowess. The single, recorded at PenPushaz studio and meticulously mixed by Audio Art Namibia, serves as a testament to Proklaim’s commitment to capturing extraordinary moments through his craft. In a fascinating twist, Proklaim shares a unique approach to songwriting by titling tracks after the instrumental used, emphasizing the freedom and creativity within the art form. “STARFALL” itself delves into the theme of resilience, expressing the artist’s perspective on persevering even when faced with prolonged challenges.

The recording process, as described by Proklaim, was a straightforward yet impactful endeavor. Writing to the beat and laying down the tracks allowed the authenticity of the artist’s message to shine through, creating a genuine and relatable connection with the audience. Proklaim leaves us with a poignant personal quote that encapsulates the essence of “STARFALL” – “Carpe Diem,” an invitation to seize the moment and immerse oneself in the captivating soundscape of this compelling single. With its soulful vibes and thought-provoking lyrics, “STARFALL” marks Proklaim as an artist to watch, promising a musical journey that resonates deeply with listeners.

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