In a groundbreaking musical venture, Proklaim, a solo hip-hop wordsmith, introduces his latest single, “CIVIL,” a captivating fusion of boombap hip-hop and West African afrobeats, punctuated by the profound lyricism synonymous with the genre. A solitary figure in his musical odyssey, Proklaim initially explored rap while mastering the guitar. Influenced by the likes of Nas, Tupac, Big Punisher, Lauryn Hill, Wutang Clan, Jay-Z, and Biggie, Proklaim brings a rich tapestry of hip-hop traditions to his unique sound.


Having made a notable mark with an appearance on MTV Base in the “Kingz” video, Proklaim takes a daring leap with “CIVIL,” marking the commencement of a series of Afrobeat experiments initiated at the close of 2023. Recorded at Pen Pushaz Entertainment studios and meticulously mixed and mastered by Audio Art Namibia, “CIVIL” is a testament to Proklaim’s commitment to crafting music that not only resonates emotionally but also radiates an infectious enthusiasm for life, woven together with uplifting messages.

“CIVIL” is more than a song; it’s a reflection of Proklaim’s artistic ethos, delving into themes that fuel his creativity and purpose, inspired by the profound. The incorporation of Afrobeats into the recording process adds a distinctive layer to the track, setting it apart within Proklaim’s evolving discography. As Proklaim aptly states, “forgetting what lies behind, press forward” – a mantra that encapsulates his dedication to pushing artistic boundaries. “CIVIL” stands as a testament to Proklaim’s growth as an artist, inviting listeners to join him on an exhilarating musical expedition where genres collide, and creativity knows no bounds.

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