In a compelling musical revelation, Proklaim, the solo artist and songwriter, introduces his latest original single, “RIGHTEOUS.” The track serves as an intimate flow of the artist’s inner contemplations and a genuine expression of life as experienced through his lens.


As a solo artist, Proklaim’s journey commenced with guitar in hand, later transitioning to beats, showcasing a multifaceted approach to his craft. Drawing inspiration from hip-hop luminaries such as Big Punisher, Jay-z, Lauryn Hill, Wutang Clan, Nas, Tupac, and Notorious B.I.G., Proklaim’s work encapsulates the essence of the genre’s rich traditions. Having already left an indelible mark with an appearance on MTV Base in the “Kingz” video, Proklaim continues to push boundaries with “RIGHTEOUS.” Recorded at Pin Pushaz Studios and impeccably mixed and mastered by Audio Art Namibia, the single stands as a testament to Proklaim’s dedication to delivering authentic and compelling music.

“RIGHTEOUS” transcends the conventional boundaries of a song; it’s a visceral manifestation of Proklaim’s creative urgency, ignited by the discovery of a beat that resonated profoundly with his artistic instincts. The track’s ethos revolves around the idea that each day presents an opportunity for progress, encapsulating a philosophy of continuous forward motion. The recording and production process for “RIGHTEOUS” were marked by simplicity, with Proklaim acknowledging that the beat itself acted as a catalyst, propelling him to write and lay down the vocals. In the artist’s own profound reflection, “time is a gift, hence it being termed the ‘present,'” adding a layer of depth to the essence of “RIGHTEOUS” and inviting listeners to explore the profound and compelling world crafted by Proklaim.

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