Prince Coffeo and his band, WE ARE SOBA, are getting popular for their special sound and sincere music. The band was formed in a London studio and has six members: Prince Coffeo on vocals, Emmanuel Kofa on guitar, James Mensah on keyboards, Ernest Dee on drums, Desmond Tucker on bass, and Saddam on percussion. The band hasn’t played at big shows, festivals, or on the radio or TV yet. But they’ve performed at small outdoor gigs for friends and family, which has helped them get better and gain a loyal group of fans.

                                                                                    PRINCE COFFEO

The band’s new album, “From Under the Coffee Tree”,  was recorded at Entity Studios and produced by Elliot. The music is inspired by Goombay spiritual music and reflects the band’s cultural heritage and personal stories. The songs have important messages, like “Soba”, which warns about accusing people while drunk, and “Mammy Cuss”, which talks about treating your mother with respect.

The band had a lot of fun and laughed together while recording their music. They often joked around like they did at a bar, and this playful feeling is captured in their songs. Their music feels genuine and warm because of this. Prince Coffee and WE ARE SOBA think it’s important to be yourself. They like the quote, “It’s better to do your own thing than copy others”. Their music inspires listeners to be proud of who they are and follow their own path.

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