Australian singer and songwriter Lara Anderson has captivated audiences since the age of 14, when her acoustic cover of The Foundations’ “Build Me Up Buttercup” went viral in 2018. This rendition not only reached the Spotify Top 50 chart in The Philippines but also amassed over 30 million streams worldwide. Lara’s musical journey has been marked by exploration and growth, culminating in her authentically heart-wrenching debut EP, “Lovesick.” The EP serves as a poignant ode to those who seek love with the purest of intentions but often lose themselves along the way.

Lara Anderson

Crafted with exquisite harmonies, acoustic guitar melodies, and a tasteful infusion of electronic elements, “Lovesick” whisks listeners into Lara’s world of melancholic melodies and lyrics that explore the complexities of unfulfilled love. It treads the fine line between wishful thinking and painful self-awareness, offering a narrative that resonates deeply. Standout tracks like “The Day that I Met You,” “All I Ever Wanted,” and “Burden” provide a safe space for listeners to immerse themselves in the emotions of love left unexpressed. Lara’s musical prowess aligns her with exceptional songwriters such as Taylor Swift, Lizzy McApline, and Julia Jacklin. “Lovesick” is poised to become the soundtrack for teenagers’ personal coming-of-age stories, offering solace and understanding in the face of rejection and heartache.

While already making waves, Lara Anderson is not slowing down. She’s currently working on her debut album, scheduled for release in 2024. “Lovesick” is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting musical journey for this talented Australian artist.

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Award-winning artist Rehya Stevens has unveiled her latest single, “Early Winter,” as she rides the wave of her third Christmas album release, “Santa’s Takin’ Over the Town.” The new single, which became available on all streaming platforms on September 29th, showcases Stevens’ versatile musical talent.

While Stevens is well-known for her spirited Christmas albums, “Early Winter” explores a more contemplative and heartfelt dimension. Written by Stevens and produced by acclaimed TV and film composer Brian Steckler, this gentle ballad delves into profound emotional themes. “Early Winter” isn’t a traditional Christmas song but captures the tender and introspective essence of the season. It resonates with those who confront the holidays while grappling with grief, fractured relationships, and remorse. Drawing from her personal experiences, Stevens emphasizes the value of time and the significance of cherishing moments with loved ones.

Rehya Stevens has a proven track record in the holiday music genre, boasting a #2 Billboard holiday single, an HMMA Award for ‘Best in Holiday,’ and an array of sync licenses for holiday films. Her music will be featured in upcoming movies like “Best. Christmas. Ever.” and “Dashing Through the Snow.” In addition to her latest single, Stevens is set to launch an innovative album release: “Santa’s Taking Over the Town DELUXE EDITION,” slated for October 27th, exclusively on CD. This deluxe edition will feature 21 songs, including “Santa’s Takin’ Over the Town” and her 2021 album ‘Tis the Season. Stevens, who acknowledges her love for traditional formats, particularly CDs and vinyl during the holiday season, aims to create a cherished space in households for her music for many festive seasons to come. For digital music enthusiasts, “Santa’s Takin’ Over the Town” will be available on all streaming platforms in late November. Rehya Stevens continues to captivate audiences with her holiday music, delivering a heartfelt and soul-stirring experience that resonates with listeners worldwide.

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Curious about the sound of a heart in the throes of breaking? Prepare to find out, as Tom Minor unveils his sophomore single that encapsulates the tumultuous emotions of heartbreak. This uptempo pop-soul track, infused with Motown vibes, is far from the melancholy you might expect. Instead, it offers a cathartic experience, ideal for the dance floor or a solitary night.

Tom Minor

Tom Minor, a London N1 native born into a multicultural Finnish-Swedish family, draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of musical genres. From indie rock to new wave, punk to power pop, psychedelic and garage rock to soul, reggae, and ska, his music is a melting pot of influences. After spending years in the shadows of showbiz and taking on odd jobs, including as far as New Zealand, Tom Minor has found his groove and splits his time between London and Helsinki.

The single captures the essence of heartbreak through a sonic journey of bells, whistles, biting remarks, driving guitars, and poignant moral statements. It’s a reminder that heartache can be transformative, and with Tom Minor’s music as your companion, the process becomes a bit more bearable. Prepare to immerse yourself in this soulful musical experience that paints a vivid picture of the complex emotions that come with love and loss. As Tom Minor eloquently puts it, “Have you ever wondered what a heart in the process of breaking sounds like? Wonder no more.”

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MONA, the brainchild of US vocalist, songwriter, and producer Nick Brown, returns with a compelling new single titled ‘Told Ya,’ released on September 22nd via ZionnoiZ Recordings/Ingrooves/Virgin Music Group. This release carries a deeper message beneath its seemingly straightforward lyrics, offering listeners a chance to connect with their own experiences.

Originally hailing from Dayton, Ohio, Nick Brown is now based in Nashville, Tennessee. The band MONA, named after Nick’s grandmother, burst onto the music scene, winning the Brand-New Act award at the MTV awards after being featured in the BBC Sound of 2011 poll. ‘Told Ya’ is a song that explores the essence of pursuing one’s desires, transcending apparent shallowness to resonate deeply with individual lives and situations. Nick Brown’s heartfelt lyrics and evocative melodies remind us that authenticity triumphs over bravado, hype, or status. This track is an invitation to apply your own narrative to its music, acknowledging that life is an ever-changing journey.

Nick Brown’s previous single, released in July, received critical acclaim for its indie-rock sound that delved into the contemplation of existence itself. As MONA, they have conquered some of the world’s most renowned festivals, from Glastonbury to Coachella, and have shared stages with notable acts like Kings of Leon and Noel Gallagher. As Nick continues to create and collaborate across various genres, MONA keeps the rock and roll spirit alive with their raw and rebellious post-indie approach. The future holds more worldwide touring for MONA in 2023/2024, including supporting Candlebox on their farewell tour in the USA, where Nick co-wrote and featured on their final album.

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Eva No’s latest offering, the “Stainless Steel” EP, is a testament to the cutting-edge capabilities of modern music production. The EP radiates with a remarkable clarity and mix precision that elevates the entire musical experience. In “Stainless Steel,” Eva No seamlessly fuses synth textures and electronic elements with catchy melodies, artfully blurring the boundaries between various musical genres. Each of the EP’s five tracks is a captivating fusion of infectious hooks and intricate layers of electronica, offering an exhilarating twist for listeners seeking an immersive sonic journey. The self-titled opener, “Stainless Steel,” immediately establishes a mood that is both driven and hypnotic, setting the stage for what’s to come.

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What makes this release truly remarkable is its versatility. Eva No effortlessly navigates through diverse musical landscapes, infusing elements of dance, pop, and even hints of reggae, as evident in the track “Bring Me Flowers.” Despite the EP’s concise nature, it showcases the artist’s expansive creative range and ability to explore uncharted musical territory.

As a fitting conclusion to this musical odyssey, the EP includes a captivating remix of the track “100%” that introduces a lush and dreamy atmosphere, leaving listeners with a sense of wonder and anticipation for Eva No’s future sonic adventures.

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