The excitement of “The Steam in the Room” by Storm Boy continues to resonate as the song was unleashed upon the world yesterday. This post-hardcore rock ‘n’ roll gem from Olympia, Washington, is now available for your listening pleasure on YouTube.

Storm Boy

Directed by the talented Chas Roberts, the accompanying music video immerses viewers in a post-apocalyptic landscape, inviting contemplation of the profound choices one would face in such a dire world. The decision to carry the fire until it consumes you and become a beacon of hope, blend the fire with other elements like water to forge the steam of the future, or simply fade into acceptance and mere existence becomes all the more immediate. Chas Roberts’ inspiration from Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” and insightful discussions with former Storm Boy guitarist Ash Diaz have given birth to a post-apocalyptic love song that’s as anthemic as it is thought-provoking.

For Chas Roberts, this foray into post-apocalyptic storytelling is not uncharted territory. Back in 2007, he co-produced the innovative theater event “Get Loweded Gets Apocalyptic” at Seattle’s iconic Re-bar, alongside Storm Boy bassist Jack Portwood and comedians Danielle Radford and Emmett Montgomery. With “The Steam in the Room” having been unleashed yesterday, the world is invited to dive headfirst into Storm Boy’s captivating narrative. It’s an exploration of survival and the choices that define us in a world teetering on the edge. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable musical and visual experience.

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Exciting news for music enthusiasts! WickerMan’s highly anticipated EP, “Invertebrates,” is already out and ready for your listening pleasure. This genre-defying rapper and producer from Reading has set the stage on fire with his unique blend of musical styles and powerful storytelling. Having made his mark in 2020 with the debut EP “Temporary People” and a series of compelling singles throughout 2023, WickerMan has now unveiled his latest creation on October 6th, 2023.


WickerMan’s music defies categorization, drawing influences from the likes of Eminem, Bring Me the Horizon, and The Prodigy. He effortlessly merges rap, hip-hop, metal, and funk into a cohesive sonic journey that’s as intense as it is diverse. One of the standout features of WickerMan’s artistry is the raw energy he brings to his music, coupled with commanding drum work and an incredible lyrical flow that cuts to the core. His music isn’t just about beats and melodies; it’s a conduit for heartfelt storytelling that delves deep into the human experience.

The EP “Invertebrates” is a self-recorded and produced masterpiece that highlights WickerMan’s versatility across musical genres. From rap and hip-hop to funk, rock, and metal, WickerMan seamlessly blends catchy basslines, funky guitar riffs, and potent synths with lyrics that tackle everyday self-politics and the emotional landscape of coping with loss. WickerMan’s lyrical inspirations stem from personal experiences, including the profound loss of his father to cancer. Through his music, he explores themes of resilience, love, death, and everything in between, offering a cathartic and unforgettable listening experience. So, waste no time and dive into the sonic world of WickerMan’s “Invertebrates.” It’s a musical journey that challenges conventions and takes you on a vibrant, dark, and dynamic ride through the mind of an artist who defies boundaries.

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Prepare to be transported to a realm of musical magic with “Dragons Layer,” the third installment of an epic collaboration featuring some of the most legendary artists from the avant-garde music scene in New York City. Guitarist and composer Ari Joshua takes center stage in this self-produced masterpiece, joined by none other than John Medeski on keys and Billy Martin on drums, both renowned members of MMW (Medeski, Martin & Wood). Jason Fraticelli, whose bass grooves have graced the works of Cyro Baptista and Matisyahu, completes this exceptional ensemble. “Dragons Layer” is a fiery and ferocious new track that transcends boundaries and genres, delivering a sonic experience that’s perfect for the upcoming Halloween season. Its haunting and otherworldly soundscapes will send shivers down your spine.

Ari Joshua

Ari Joshua’s composition takes listeners on a fantastical journey, weaving a tapestry of suspenseful intrigue. Much like the title implies, “Dragons Layer” is a musical adventure layered with fearless harmonies. The composition twists and turns through chordal movements, with themes developing like ripples and waves in a mystical pond. Described as “cinematic, grunge, classical,” the track showcases Ari Joshua’s guitar prowess, Billy Martin’s wizardry on the drums, John Medeski’s astonishing keyboard skills, and Jason Fraticelli’s shapeshifting upright bass. Together, they craft a mesmerizing sonic landscape that beckons listeners into the realms of imagination.

The artwork by Martin Ontiveros captures the whimsical spirit of the piece, blending comedy and adventure into a visual delight. “Dragons Layer” was recorded in an old barn on a farm near Woodstock, New York, during a multi-day recording session in April 2022. Ari Joshua’s inspiration for the track is a testament to the magic of imperfections and artistic vulnerability. He explains, “Imperfections can lead us in giant steps toward what’s real, sometimes that’s what makes an artist’s greatest art. John and Billy are the masters of being vulnerable and just stepping out into the unknown.” So, allow “Dragons Layer” to transport you to a world where music defies boundaries, and let your imagination run wild as you embark on this unforgettable sonic adventure.

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Prepare for a musical voyage like no other as The Forces gear up to release their full album, “Voyages,” on October 6th, featuring a special appearance by Cavalier, known for collaborations with QuelleChris and Stones Throw/Backwoodz Studios. Worldwide vinyl distribution will be in the capable hands of Clear Spot, renowned for representing psychedelic luminaries like Kikagaku Moyo, Electric Moon, and Lamp Of The Universe. The Forces have made waves in the music world, earning critical acclaim for their distinct fusion of Beatlesque psychedelia with hip-hop-infused beats. Their debut EP garnered attention as it secured the coveted “New and Notable” spot on’s homepage three times and received praise from for being a “cohesive and wildly original body of work.”

The Forces

“Voyages,” a richly layered album, has been meticulously crafted, composed, written, and produced by Dutch producer Joshua Boon. It showcases the captivating vocals of Manchester’s own Tim Condor and boasts contributions from over 20 international musicians. One standout feature of the album is the appearance of Cavalier, a rapper celebrated for his collaborations with QuelleChris and his role as a featured artist on Stones Throw’s “Quakers II” album (2021) and BackwoodzStudioz’ “High Bias” (2023).

“Voyages” bridges the seemingly disparate worlds of 1960s psychedelic pop and the raw edge of hip-hop, finding common ground in their experimental use of sound effects, including reverb, tape loops, echo, and sampling. Moreover, both genres share a tradition of addressing societal and political issues through their lyrics and thematic explorations.Joshua Boon’s approach to music as a crate-digger brings out a love for the ethereal sounds of vintage music, complete with vinyl crackle and tape hiss. The album takes listeners on a nostalgic journey, blending mind-bending soundscapes, golden melodies, prehistoric synths, unconventional musical structures, and evocative English soundbites. Fans who acquire the album on will be treated to a special bonus—exclusive access to all the instrumental tracks. “Voyages” promises to be The Forces’ opportunity to share their entire narrative, offering a nostalgic time warp enriched with modern production, making it an essential experience for music enthusiasts. As Boot Music UK aptly notes, it’s “perfect for those who want to drift away into a nostalgic time warp filled with modern production.”

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