In a musical revelation, Gary Dranow, the mastermind behind The Manic Emotions, delivers a soul-stirring blues experience with his latest single, “I’m A Man.” Steeped in the raw essence of the blues, this track stands out for its earthy, down-and-dirty vibe, enhanced by an exceptional Blues Harp section skillfully played by Joel Marshall from the UK.

Gary Dranow

“I’m A Man” emerges as the bluesy cornerstone of Dranow’s forthcoming album, “Never Give Up,” . The single not only showcases Dranow’s musical prowess but also serves as a preview of the diverse sonic landscape the full album promises to explore. The Blues Harp takes center stage, weaving through the composition with a haunting yet magnetic quality, adding a layer of authenticity to the blues narrative. Dranow’s vocal delivery resonates with emotion, capturing the heart and soul of the blues tradition. As a precursor to the album, “I’m A Man” provides a glimpse into Dranow’s ability to infuse contemporary blues with a timeless feel. The track is more than a mere song; it’s a blues odyssey that invites listeners into a world of deep emotions and musical intricacies.

The forthcoming album, “Never Give Up,” is not only a celebration of musical diversity, featuring instruments ranging from electric and acoustic guitars to synthesizers and drums, but it also carries a profound message inspired by the unconditional love between dogs and their owners. Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions invite blues enthusiasts and music lovers alike to immerse themselves in the captivating world of “I’m A Man.” With its rich blues heritage and modern resonance, this single sets the stage for an album that promises to be a true blues revelation.

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