The artist, “Florida”, has released a new album, “Metal Detector”. It is inspired by the rock music of the 1970s and 1980s, which had loud guitars and strong melodies. This album reflects the artist’s experiences growing up in Florida. It captures the feelings of isolation, hopelessness, death, and hope.

                                                                   MIKEY THOMPSON

The band members of Florida don’t know each other well, and they accept this lack of connection. They say they have “it” times, but they aren’t together. This strange relationship adds an interesting aspect to their music. Florida’s main influences are Beat Juice, Frosty Yayo, Luke Rimmy, Boyz 2 Nunz, Lifecoaster, Bigupps, and anything on Q105. The band hasn’t played any major shows, or festivals, or been on radio or TV. The album “Metal Detector” was recorded and mixed by Billy and mastered by Chris Allgood.

The songs reflect the artist’s musical influences growing up, like Nasty Savage, Savatage, Stranger, Roxxx Gang, Judas Priest, Nick Lowe, and even disco. Each song reflects the personal experiences of the artist. The recording process was quite tough. A key quote from the band sums up their attitude: “Shocking! Four posers play riffs in tough conditions. Prove to all that rock is dead”.

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