A famous Indian singer-songwriter, Kamakshi Khanna, has released her new EP, “Heartbreak 2020”. The four songs in this collection are inspired by her lockdown series and ‘The Green Room Sessions’; they have personal and simple music and were recorded in her bedroom studio.

                                                                                   KAMAKSHI KHANNA

The EP reflects Kamakshi’s experience of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery when she was in her 20s. Each song tells a story about awkward dates, mind games, short relationships, and unreturned love. Apart from the mess, there is hope for finding lasting love. The tracks include ‘Love Is Not A Fucking Game’, ‘ I Blew It!’, ‘Tourist’, and the title track ‘Heartbreak 2020’. Kamakshi’s honest and relatable lyrics take listeners on an emotional journey, teaching lessons in love and heartbreak. The EP shows Kamakshi’s feelings, from the excitement of a new crush to anger over cheating and the feeling of moving on. The EP is now available on major streaming platforms, and a music video for ‘Love Is Not A Fucking Game’ is on Kamakshi’s YouTube channel. This release confirms Kamakshi as a top artist in India’s indie music scene.

Kamakshi Khanna is known for her soulful voice and emotional songwriting. She mixes pop, R&B/Soul, and folk to create a bond with listeners. She could easily switch between languages and styles of Hindustani and classical music as she has a background in both.

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