Star Persona, a new rock band, has released a strong new song called Loukanikos. The song is about a brave dog who joined protests in Greece to fight against unfair rules. The band Star Persona has four members. Claude writes songs and plays guitar. Raymond plays bass guitar. Chad plays drums. Lisa sings and plays guitar. Their friend Oleh played a special guitar part for their new song.

                                                                                      STAR PERSONA

Star Persona’s music is inspired by famous rock bands from the past. They have played shows at well-known places like The Brass Monkey and The Rainbow in Ottawa. People like their music because it has a lot of energy and is true to the spirit of rock. The band Star Persona recorded their new song “Loukanikos” at Audio Valley Recording Studios in Ottawa, Canada. The song was produced by Steven Foley. The band writes songs about real events, like the protests that happened around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. Loukanikos, a dog once named Theodor, has an amazing story. He was a stray dog that joined protests and became a symbol of bravery. He led protesters and wasn’t afraid of tear gas. Many groups took care of him, and he became a beloved part of the protests.

The band recorded “Loukanikos” in a special way. Oleh, a guitarist, wrote and recorded his part in Kiev, Ukraine. Then he sent it to Claude in Ottawa, Canada, who finished producing the song. Claude Malette, the band’s member, said, “Stop wasting time and start playing rock music with passion”. This shows how the band is enthusiastic and dedicated to their music.

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