Chapell, a skilled musician, has released a new song called “When the Music Plays Again”. This song is about hoping for the return of live music. The lyrics mean, “We’ll feel happy and hopeful when we can play music together again”. The song expresses the excitement and anticipation of performing live music once more.


Alan Chapell is a special musician who combines old and new sounds to create something unique. He draws inspiration from different decades (the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s) to create music that is both personal and meaningful. His background in privacy and human rights gives his songwriting special depth and relatability. Alan Chapell has made many great albums over the past 10 years. He is good at writing songs that tell stories, are catchy, and deal with complex emotions. People love his music, and he has a loyal group of fans. His past albums, like “The Redhead’s Allegations”,  “Soul Man”,  and “Love in the Summer of Trouble”,  show how talented and versatile he is. Alan Chapell’s new album, “The Underground Music Show”,  was made when live music was prohibited. But he still found inspiration and hope in his music. His new song, “When the Music Plays Again,”  features great guitar playing by Clint Wells and beautiful violin playing by Lorenza, which makes the chorus very special and exciting.

Alan Chapell’s live shows are special events that bring people together. They’re not just concerts, but a way for people to connect and be part of a bigger community. He has performed with famous bands like Gin Blossoms, Lisa Loeb, Bighead Todd, and Everclear.

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