Peter Xifaras has released “Dystopian World”. It is a classical music EP. This Ep explores the ideas from the novel “1984 by George Orwell” and relates them to today’s world. It reflects topics like surveillance, free speech limits, information control, censorship, loss of privacy, propaganda, individuality, groupthink, and the importance of truth. Each track has a 4K music video that adds a message to the music.

                                                                                 PETER XIFARAS

The themes of this album are very relevant. Surveillance technology is more advanced than Orwell imagined, with devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home tracking us. As social media is censoring different opinions, freedom of speech is under threat. Information is manipulated, misinformation is spreading through social media, and it is changing what reality is. Currently, privacy is a big issue. Propaganda is everywhere, with fake technology making fake content. People are losing their individuality.

Finally, it is now hard to tell what truth and falsehood are. In the age of fake news and “alternative facts,” finding the truth is more important. “Dystopian World” is a strong project that attracts listeners to think about these important issues.

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