Milton Keynes-based electronica post-punk visionaries, SIR-VERE, have unfurled their highly-anticipated ‘Lovescope’ album, marking a confident and fully-realized statement in their musical journey. The album, released digitally and in Dolby Atmos format, with a limited edition gatefold vinyl version set for release in 2024, encapsulates the band’s evolution and mastery of their craft. Despite lineup changes over the years, ‘Lovescope’ solidifies the current formation as definitive, showcasing a broad spectrum of moods tethered by the band’s eclectic musical influences. From the spectral opener “Angel of Death” to the frenetic and catchy “Peer Pressure,” and the anthemic title track “Lovescope,” each song unveils a different facet of the band’s sonic palette.


The addition of vocalist Ian McEwan alongside long-time frontman Craig Hammond brings a fresh dimension to SIR-VERE’s sound. The interplay between studio chief Gary Morland and Stevie Vega creates a dynamic contrast, blending raw guitar licks with funk-laden basslines and electronic elements. The album, a follow-up to their pre-pandemic releases ‘Psycho Ballistic Funk’ and ‘Singulus,’ signifies SIR-VERE’s leap from the underground to mainstream consciousness. ‘Lovescope’ is not just a collection of tracks but an immersive experience, weaving through genres like breaks, acid, electro, indie, metal, and punk.

Key Tracks: A Sonic Exploration “Angel of Death”: The album commences with a haunting atmosphere, setting the stage for the auditory journey. “Peer Pressure”: An infectious blend of post-punk grit and dance beats, instantly leaving an indelible mark. “Misophonia”: Explores intricate layers of sound, showcasing the band’s diverse influences. “Bad Guy Kingdom“: Reflects punk roots with raw guitar licks and rebellious energy seamlessly fused with electronica. “Destroya”: A sonic whirlwind capturing chaos within, navigating through electronic textures. “Lovescope”: The title track serves as the anthemic centerpiece, a sonic exploration pushing the boundaries of alternative culture.

SIR-VERE’s ‘Lovescope’ is not just an album re-issue; it’s a sonic masterpiece, an odyssey through alternative sounds that challenges and expands the boundaries of contemporary music. The limited edition vinyl release and Dolby Atmos format further enrich the listening experience, inviting music enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the post-tribal offerings of SIR-VERE’s musical universe.

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