The Cornelius Eady Trio has a new album called “Painting”. It has eight songs and is acoustic, which features instruments like guitars and keyboards. Their last album, “Withstand”,  was popular for its meaningful words and strong emotions. The trio includes Cornelius Eady, a singer; Charlie Rauh, a guitarist and drummer; and Lisa Liu, a guitarist and keyboardist.

                                                                             CORNELIUS EADY TRIO

The Cornelius Eady Trio comes from New York City. They used to be part of a bigger band called Rough Magic. When Rough Magic broke up, three members, Eady, Rauh, and Liu, kept making music together. They mix different styles like folk, rock, blues, funk, and poetry to create their unique sound. The album “Painting” is a collection of songs that explore everyday life and political issues. Even though it’s an acoustic album, the trio wants to make a big impact with their music. They recorded, mixed, and finalized the album from different locations, a skill they learned during the pandemic. The Cornelius Eady Trio has played at many important events, like the Big Ears Festival, the Brooklyn Folk Festival, and the New Orleans Poetry Festival. One of their biggest moments was when they played their song “Sunshine” for a special online event. Stacy Abrams introduced their song, and Oprah was one of the guests.

The album has songs like “Come and Get Your Boy” and “God Will Get The Glory” that were inspired by talks with African-American fathers who lost their sons to police violence. Other songs, like “Military School” and “This Is The Way You Leave”,  address topics like school shootings and personal loss. “Painting” is a great example of the trio’s ability to create music that inspires and moves people.

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