Melbourne singer-songwriter Parmy Dhillon released his new single “India” . This emotional song is a tribute to his late father, who passed away in India, and a reminder of Dhillon’s cultural heritage.

Parmy Dhillon

“India” blends traditional Indian sounds with modern music, creating a rich and moving experience. Dhillon’s heartfelt lyrics and strong vocals stand out, capturing his feelings of loss and his deep connection to his roots. The song talks about Dhillon longing to return to India and remember who he is. He uses his music to express his grief and love for his father. The song’s launch event will be held at the Evelyn Hotel in Melbourne on the release date. Fans can look forward to live performances and a night filled with music. This event will let listeners connect with Dhillon’s story and emotions. It will be a special night where people can feel the depth of his new song.

A music video for “India” will also be released, adding another layer to the song’s impact. The video tells Dhillon’s story through powerful images, showing his journey through grief and his love for his heritage. It helps to bring the song’s message to life visually, making it even more touching. “India” is Dhillon’s first release of 2024 and showcases his ability to blend personal experiences with universal themes. This song is a touching reminder of the importance of remembering where we come from and honoring our loved ones. Parmy Dhillon’s music continues to resonate with many, and “India” is a beautiful addition to his work.

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