Colourshop has released a new single called “Florence,” following their earlier song “Be Yourself” this year. “Florence” is a song that talks about the importance of beauty in our lives. It tells us that beauty is not just something pretty to look at; it is a vital part of our world. Dostoevsky once said, “Beauty will save the world,” and this song echoes that idea.


The music of “Florence” is a mix of folk-pop, inspired by ‘60s Italian pop and “chanson française.” It was produced by Jason Boshoff, who has worked with Lisa Hannigan and David Gray, and Oscar Garcia Bragado. They recorded the song in RoomTo Studio in Barcelona. The song’s lyrics describe a magical walk through Florence, a city known for its beautiful architecture. It also talks about a woman’s fleeting presence, representing the city’s beauty. The line, “You smile then walk away, I won’t ask you to stay,” shows how beauty is temporary and can only be admired, not owned.

The Italian chorus, “Amore lo sai, ho voglia di te ma tu non ci sei,” means “Love, you know, I long for you but you are not here.” This line expresses a deep longing for beauty, showing that it is an essential part of our emotions and experiences. To promote “Florence,” Colourshop is going on a bike tour from Anagni to Barcelona, passing through Florence and other beautiful cities. This tour will highlight the song’s themes and showcase the natural, artistic, and architectural beauty of these places. “Florence” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Listen to it and join Colourshop on this beautiful musical journey.

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