Arrow Santi, a skilled rapper from Long Island, New York, has released his last album, “ARROGANCE”. He’s known for his high-energy music and strong beats. Arrow Santi, whose real name is Cordel Williams, started making music at 16 and got serious about it at 19. He’s developed a unique style inspired by artists like Mac Miller, Earl Sweatshirt, and Travis Scott. Arrow Santi is a multi-talented musician. He raps, writes songs, performs, and sometimes produces his own music.

                                                                                           ARROW SANTI

His new album, “ARROGANCE”,  was made in Bay Shore, New York. He used a mix of beats from the internet and some he made himself. This album is his most confident and creative work, and he wants listeners to interpret it in their own way. Arrow Santi has a strong online presence, with many followers on Twitter and Instagram, even though he hasn’t performed live recently. People like his music because it’s energetic and makes them want to move. This shows how hard he works and how dedicated he is to his craft. “ARROGANCE” is a real and honest album that shows Arrow’s feelings at the time he made it. He was going through a tough time and had strong opinions about politics and society, which he expresses in the lyrics.

The album is a collection of his experiences and emotions, making it a powerful and personal work. Arrow Santi’s music career has been amazing, and “ARROGANCE” is a great final album. Now that he’s stopped making music, his fans will treasure this last album.

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