Mohawk Castle, the solo project of Erik David, has released a new song called “Shed Tears”. This song talks about the big problems in the United States and how important it is for people to come together and feel things together. The song is over 6 minutes long and takes listeners on an emotional journey, helping them feel and release their emotions.

                                                                                  MOHAWK CASTLE

Erik David Hidde, from Long Beach, California, is the person behind Mohawk Castle. He has made a lot of music, including 11 albums, an EP, and many singles and covers, from 2014 to 2024. Before Mohawk Castle, he made music under the name Prison Escapee. He also ran a record label called Housewarming Records from 2011 to 2013. Erik David Hidde’s music is inspired by many artists, like Nick Drake, John Lennon, and others. His music combines indie-rock with electronic-trap sounds, creating a unique style. Mohawk Castle’s sound is a mix of electronic instruments, trap beats, guitars, deep bass, and rock drums, making it distinct and innovative. Erik David Hidde is currently performing his first album, “Die for Love”, live in Los Angeles. People are praising his shows for being full of energy and emotion.

A review from Musikepool stands out, praising his song “Cold Beat” as a great example of his creativity and innovative sound. Erik David Hidde created “Shed Tears” entirely on his own in his living room. He wrote the song in one day, May 17th, 2023, and spent a year refining it until it was complete on May 16th, 2024. Hidde’s hard work and dedication shine through in every part of the song. Erik David Hidde said, “You told me my song made you sad, but it also brought you peace”. This shows how much his music can affect people’s emotions and how much he cares about connecting with those who listen to his songs.

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