London-based new wave pop rock band, Good Time Locomotive (GTL), is preparing to unveil their emotionally charged anthem, ‘Step into the Light.’ This heartfelt song addresses the weighty subject of mental health issues, a topic that resonates deeply with the band members, some of whom have battled their own demons.

Good Time Locomotive

The band’s vocalist, Hugo Leite, shares the inspiration behind the track, stating that from the moment they heard it, they knew it had to carry a message of hope for those struggling in the darkness. Drawing from personal experiences, they poured their hearts into the song, determined to create something extraordinary.

GTL came together during the pandemic, connecting over Zoom with a shared mission: to craft music that packs an emotional punch and spreads a positive message, helping people rediscover joy in life.

With their distinct sound and magnetic stage presence, Good Time Locomotive has earned praise, cementing their position as a formidable musical force. ‘Step into the Light’ promises to be another milestone in their musical journey.

In the end, the success of this song lies not only in the band’s talent but also in the support of listeners. As they prepare to release the track, GTL urges everyone to join them on this meaningful musical journey and help spread its message of hope and resilience.

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Introducing Mazz, an up-and-coming Hip-Hop/Rap sensation hailing from Norfolk, East of England. With a unique blend of content, melodies, and flows, he’s poised to breathe new life into the UK music scene. What sets Mazz apart is not just his talent but also his unexpected image, adding an exciting twist to his musical journey.


Although he started writing at a young age, Mazz only recently entered the studio about a year and a half ago. He took the time to refine his craft and find his distinctive sound, drawing inspiration from artists like Lil Durk, Yung Bleu, D-Block Europe, Central Cee, and Plutonio, while staying true to real-life experiences.

Mazz’s music delves into the struggles faced in the “Bairros” of Portugal, shedding light on the impact of crime, poverty, and survivor’s guilt, shaping him both as an artist and as a person. Yet, there’s another side to his artistry, where he spreads love, affection, and reassurance, beautifully showcased in his debut single, ‘Keys To My Heart.’

Collaborating with talented UK engineers like MikesPro, Vinny Blanco, Danger Sounds, and Jordan Morris, Mazz is ready to make his mark on the music industry, bringing his distinctive sound and heartfelt storytelling to the forefront. Keep an eye out for this rising star, as he’s set to captivate audiences with his refreshing and dynamic approach to music.

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Hailing from Reno, Nevada, “The Heidi Incident” has just unleashed their debut single, “Under The Lights,” to the world. This infectious track originated when guitarist and producer Dan Hayes (also known as “2Forty1”) crafted the captivating bassline, aiming to amalgamate the band’s diverse musical inspirations into a unique and defining “sound.”

The Heidi Incident

When vocalist Matt Vaughan first heard the demo, he was struck by a rush of inspiration, penning lyrics that vividly capture the moment he encountered the love of his life on the dance floor. The words effortlessly aligned with the music, breathing life into the song.

“The Heidi Incident” boasts a broad spectrum of influences, spanning from early Michael Jackson to Maroon 5, from James Brown to The 1975, and from Prince to Bruno Mars. Their contemporary sound seamlessly blends with late 70s-80s Pop & Synth Wave elements, creating an infectious, danceable, and unforgettable vibe.

With an album’s worth of material on the horizon, the band aims to spread their music far and wide, touching the hearts of listeners across the globe. If you’re in search of music that’s always ripe for the occasion, keep an eye on “The Heidi Incident” as they groove their way into the hearts of music lovers everywhere. Their artistic journey is just beginning, and they’re eager to share their passion for music with the world for years to come.

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Glasgow-based band Speak Easy Circus is gearing up for the release of their latest single, “Gros Michel,” slated to drop on Friday, 21st July. At first glance, the song might seem like an ode to bananas, but it goes much deeper, shedding light on the exploitative practices within the banana industry and our complicity in it.

Gros Michel

The inspiration for “Gros Michel” struck songwriter Jack Avison during his exploration of videos and documentaries about this seemingly ordinary fruit. What he uncovered was disconcerting—the shady dealings of corporations like La Chiquita, a stark contrast to the widespread love for bananas.

However, “Gros Michel” is more than just a song; it serves as a powerful catalyst for awareness and action, urging listeners to reflect on the ethical consequences of their choices. Blending a mix of indie, jazz, funk, and more, Speak Easy Circus crafts an enthralling and genre-defying sound.

Taking their audience on a thrilling ride through funk-infused bangers, improvisation, and an unforgettable live experience, Speak Easy Circus proves to be a musical force, instilling a meaningful message that resonates far beyond the dance floor. In a world of constant change, this dynamic ensemble emerges with a purpose, using their music to provoke thought and inspire change.

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Introducing a fresh and high-energy Pop Punk sensation that’s sure to be the earworm you can’t escape—meet the Sioux Falls-based band, Shock Value. Comprising talented members: Nick Bader (Vocals), Matt Rice (Lead Guitar), Nick Roach (Rhythm Guitar), Corey Gross (Bass), and Zach Dresch (Drums), the group came together in 2023, fueled by influences like Machine Gun Kelly, Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, Sueco, Linkin Park, and Green Day.

Shock Value

With their upcoming album release set for Sioux Falls 2023 Four Winds music and arts festival, accompanied by a feature on the front page of The Argus Leader, Shock Value is making waves. Their first single “Rockstar” marks a pivotal moment for the band, reflecting the risk they took in transitioning from hip hop to pop punk—a move that paid off gloriously.

Another standout track, “Paradise,” becomes an anthem, with its mesmerizing composition and an open-ended narrative based on an acid trip. As they delve into themes of nostalgia and life’s roller coaster journey, “My Life Story” closes the album with an emotional build-up that crescendos into a high-energy hit.

According to Nick Bader, the band’s message is crystal clear: follow your dreams, no matter how wild they may seem, and conquer your challenges with determination. Shock Value’s music encourages listeners to embrace their potential and enjoy the ride, making their album a must-listen for any music enthusiast.

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