In the ever-evolving realm of music, Tally Koren is making her mark with the latest offering, “Not Satisfied.” Coming from a city steeped in musical heritage, this track is a testament to Tally’s artistic flair. For those acquainted with her work, Tally Koren’s authentic touch is unmistakable. Her distinctive voice and the unfiltered emotion she pours into her music have garnered praise from discerning critics. Released on July 28th, “Not Satisfied” weaves vulnerability and resilience into a captivating blend. It’s a song that delves deep into the intricacies of human emotions. Following the success of the previous remix, “It’s Who You Are,” Tally’s presence in the pop music landscape remains undeniable.

Tally Koren

At its core, “Not Satisfied” conveys a potent message – one of self-acceptance in a world often fixated on conformity. The fusion of catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics is a testament to Tally’s musical finesse and vision. Enter the Xander Remix of “Not Satisfied.” This iteration propels the track into a new realm, infusing an irresistible dance energy that’s sure to get feet moving. It’s a fresh perspective on the song, showcasing Tally’s vocal prowess in a different light. Beyond her musical exploits, Tally Koren boasts an array of accomplishments. Her recognition includes the Fringe Award for Best Singer-Songwriter in 2011, along with appearances on respected radio platforms. She’s also graced iconic venues, cementing her status as a versatile and esteemed artist. As a final note, anticipation builds for “Not Satisfied – An Evening with Tally Koren” at the forthcoming Edinburgh Fringe Festival. An opportunity for fans and newcomers to experience her magic firsthand.

Through “Not Satisfied,” Tally Koren adds another compelling chapter to her musical narrative. This track isn’t solely about music – it’s an empowering anthem that urges us to embrace our uniqueness and find strength in our individuality.

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Get ready for “Kairos,” an Indie Pop/Rock anthem radiating empowerment for those who’ve faced discrimination. Tsunamiz, a skilled singer-songwriter and music producer, has achieved a remarkable feat in just three months, amassing nearly a million views and streams across his recent singles and music videos on various platforms.With “Kairos,” Tsunamiz is gearing up for an all-encompassing marketing blitz, including strategic social media moves, press releases, and targeted email promotions. As his musical journey takes an exciting turn, “Kairos” emerges as the third single from his forthcoming album “Kultur Is Dead,” slated for release on September 23rd.


“Kairos” champions personal freedom and takes a stand against prejudice, dedicated to the underdogs of the world. Its rhythmic beats invite you to dance, while the captivating melody, enriched with Latin nuances, deepens the indie pop/rock vibe.

According to Tsunamiz, “My aim is to evoke profound emotions through dance and lively jumps, fearlessly fusing diverse genres and moods within one song.”Circle September 22nd for the live album presentation at Lisbon’s Tokyo Club. Experience “Kairos” now, available on all major streaming platforms. It’s a musical voyage that defies time, resonating with an unwavering spirit of empowerment.


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Delving into the realm of emotions and storytelling, I find my musical expression as a songwriter. My latest creation takes the form of an acoustic journey, woven with melodies that soar like birds in flight. The vocals, like a gentle current, carry the listener along this sonic river. Harmonies interlace, casting a spell that resonates across diverse ears, garnering recognition on New Zealand’s radio waves.Behind the magic, the band consists of Sam Polwart on guitar and vocals, and Logan Wedgwood on drums. Our paths intertwined in a prior venture known as Diesel Phoenix, where the seeds of our current collaboration were sown. Drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Ed Sheeran, Ben Howard, and James Blunt, our musical fabric bears the imprints of their artistry.

Sam Polwart

Amidst the tapestry of our journey, a new single titled “On My Way Out” is on the cusp of release, undergoing the meticulous process of mastering. The song emerged from Roundhead Studios in Auckland, sculpted under the attentive ear of Emily Wheatcroft-Snape.Reflecting on the ethos, I aimed to craft an acoustic opus that showcased vocals and guitar, allowing the song’s ebbs and flows to cascade with clarity. Each chord resonates with the essence of my odyssey, a quest to find my destined partner, drawing parallels with an ex-lover in the most curious ways – from initials to birth years, even their fathers’ names. The tale is one of near misses, a close brush with destiny that eluded me the first time around.

As I journey through the facets of a rocker, a comic, and now a singer-songwriter, I cherish every moment of this artistic voyage. The rhythm of life finds its harmony in my melodies.

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Renowned singer-songwriter Alex McArtor makes a triumphant return with her latest single, “Oxygen Thief,” released today. At just 21 years old, McArtor, based in Los Angeles, has already established herself as a rising star in the music industry, blending soulful melodies with infectious pop sensibilities. The track’s release is a significant milestone, following her last single, “He Don’t Like The Sun,” nearly 18 months ago.

Alex McArtor

In a candid reveal, McArtor explains the inspiration behind “Oxygen Thief,” a song that delves into the complexities of severed emotional bonds between two individuals. “I wrote ‘Oxygen Thief’ last October in my bedroom while I was living up in Laurel Canyon,” she shares. “After leaving CU Boulder and moving to Los Angeles to pursue my musical passion, I found myself struggling to create amidst loneliness. Seeking solace in books and movies, I stumbled upon ‘Diary of an Oxygen Thief,’ an anonymously authored book that oddly mirrored a chapter of my life.”

McArtor’s soul-stirring storytelling and heartfelt vocals infuse “Oxygen Thief” with emotional depth, creating an experience that resonates deeply with listeners. Her unique ability to blend vulnerability and strength within her music has garnered praise from both fans and critics alike. As McArtor reflects on the creative process, she appreciates the cyclical nature of creation, acknowledging that it is a continuous journey of transformation and growth.

The single’s release is complemented by a captivating lyric video, further enhancing the connection between the music and its audience. “Oxygen Thief” is now available for streaming and download on major platforms, inviting listeners to explore the intricate emotions woven into McArtor’s powerful composition. With her compelling sound and emotive lyrics, Alex McArtor solidifies her place as an artist to watch in the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.

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