08 CIVIC emerges as an unconventional hip-hop treasure with the potential to become a defining anthem for a generation that values authenticity and introspection. The track departs from the norm, foregoing explosive beats for a more contemplative and intricate musical landscape. This creative departure represents Pronto Valid’s core, a candid revelation of his present identity.

Pronto Valid

Hailing from Chicago, Pronto Valid introduces ’08 CIVIC as a progression from his earlier ‘MIDNITE FLOWERS’ EP. Contrary to its title, the song isn’t a tribute to automobiles. Instead, it offers an unfiltered look into the artist’s personal growth from childhood to young adulthood. The blend of tranquil choral undertones and Pronto’s intricate lyrical artistry creates an atmosphere that can be described as “relaxed.” By delving into his perspectives on life, the track subtly traces his origins while also presenting his current viewpoints.

The song’s verses weave an intimate narrative, interconnecting universally relatable experiences. Lines like “My grandmother passed away a month before my birth, At times, it feels as if her spirit resides within me” echo personal challenges and ancestral ties. The chorus resonates as a memorable refrain, illustrating the artist’s journey: “I took a hiatus, now I’ve returned, Believed it was building my resilience.” The fusion of lyrics, rhythm, and Pronto’s delivery paints a vibrant spectrum of emotions.

With upcoming plans to unveil a music video and more summertime tracks, Pronto Valid’s ’08 CIVIC serves as a tranquil prelude to the artistic voyage that lies ahead. This single isn’t just a composition—it encapsulates personal evolution and a sonic testament to the potency of authentic storytelling in the hip-hop realm.


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HeIsTheArtist, a remarkable Christian R&B artist hailing from New York, is elated to share the remarkable success of his single, “Mi Amor (Dream Pop Remix),” which has soared to the coveted #1 spot on the prestigious TopMixTapes.com Singles chart.


Anticipation builds as this single is poised to lead the Deluxe edition of HeIsTheArtist’s forthcoming EP, “Dreaming in Emerald City,” scheduled for a heartfelt release on Valentine’s Day 2024. The upcoming EP, a collection of six soulful tracks inspired by Broadway and Neo-Soul elements, draws its creative inspiration from iconic films such as “The Wizard of Oz” and “The West Side Story.”

Boasting a rich and illustrious musical journey, HeIsTheArtist’s work has garnered over 400K Spotify streams, and his songs have resonated worldwide, conquering iTunes and radio charts from the United Kingdom to South Africa. This artist’s voyage commenced in the realms of secular neo-soul under the name “LeeMann Bassey,” with a recording contract under “Bentley Records.” However, a transformative sermon by TD Jakes redirected HeIsTheArtist towards his true vocation – spreading the word of the Lord through the universal language of music.

In an impressive sweep, HeIsTheArtist secures the summit of the TopMixTapes Singles Chart with the entrancing “Mi Amor” remix. This accomplishment resonates profoundly, setting the tone for the upcoming Deluxe Edition of his EP. New York’s Christian R&B sensation’s journey continues with the imminent release of “Dreaming in Emerald City” on Valentine’s Day, promising a melodious fusion of Broadway grandeur and Neo-Soul finesse.

For those eager to experience HeIsTheArtist’s sonic odyssey, the standard edition of “Dreaming in Emerald City” is set to captivate worldwide audiences starting July 28th. Stay tuned for more insights into this artist and his eagerly awaited EP.

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