Presenting “Icon – song 1,” the second single from my upcoming album ‘Hum of the Mettle,’ slated for release on August 18th. This dreamy folk-pop composition, entwining the verses of Australian poet Maria Zajkowski, delves into the tender realm of memory, loss, and the glimmer of hope. Crafted with the brilliance of my exceptional bandmates—James Brown, Paul Angas, Mark Seddon, and Sam Cagney—this track is a vital piece of an innovative project that transforms contemporary poetry into song, alongside some of Australia’s finest poets.

Jen Lush

Meet the ensemble behind the enchantment: Matt DeAngelis on vocals, piano, Kronos, Mellotron, and tambourine; Bill Kennedy on guitars; Eric Bishop on bass; and Dan Pettolina on drums. Our musical convergence traces its roots through years of collaboration, blending seamlessly to sculpt our signature sound.

We find inspiration in classic and progressive rock influences, shaping our distinctive sonic tapestry. Our music resonates across airwaves, including Radio Airplay, Amazing Radio, and Radio Wigwam. Our live footprint graces notable venues like Bottle and Cork, The Princeton, and Fager’s Island.

Reflecting on our past single, “Can’t Write About Today,” it’s heartwarming to witness how the song’s depth resonates with listeners. Capturing shared turmoil and confusion through heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies, our music serves as a mirror, connecting individual introspection to universal themes. In these tumultuous times, we seek unity and understanding, crafting narratives that embrace our collective journey.

Our recording journey led us to Gradwell House Studios and Musically Speaking Studios, under the skilled guidance of producers Bill Kennedy, Tom Conran, and John DeAngelis. Each note is infused with our ethos—living in the present, aspiring to enact change in the world.

“Icon – song 1” materialized as a response to the early days of the pandemic, urging us to seize the present to create positive change. The clock ticks swiftly; our impact on the world holds boundless potential. Through a compelling narrative that spans from “stoner” to “donor,” the track implores listeners to recognize their significance on Earth.

Amidst the creative process, an amusing mishap saw me enthusiastically playing the tambourine, leading to an unexpected chest bruise—a small price for the passion invested.

Eric Bishop, our accomplished bassist, encapsulates our essence well: “Great blend of styles and genres, you give me the bones to be able to create great parts.” Together, we blend these musical hues, creating a tapestry that resonates far and wide.


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Introducing “Renaissance,” a seamless fusion of Western and Middle Eastern influences, interweaving shades of darkness and light to create a harmonious melody. This enchanting composition by Rafaèlla embodies a narrative of rebirth, a journey towards self-discovery and authenticity. With its mellow and confident vocals, set against an alternative pop backdrop, the song unfolds to include the resonant tones of Greek Cypriot traditional instruments, including the captivating bouzouki, and the evocative melodies of the Middle East. The result is a musical tapestry that tantalizingly blends sweetness and spice, leaving a lasting imprint on any receptive ear.


Meet Rafaèlla, a 25-year-old artist hailing from Cyprus. With a musical journey that began alongside her father in her early years, she has graced the stages of musical theatre shows and contributed to the realms of TV and radio. Now based in London, Rafaèlla stepped onto the solo scene in early 2020 with her debut single “Nobody Knows,” followed by the poignant “Broken.” These releases garnered worldwide acclaim, leading to her heartrending debut album, “sincerely, me:,” in 2021. This concept album about post-breakup experiences marked her entry into the global spotlight, earning her television appearances and performances at renowned venues like the legendary Hard Rock Cafe.

As Rafaèlla enters a new phase, she embraces an era defined by self-empowerment, her music resounding with messages of unapologetic authenticity and empowerment of women. An exciting evolution is taking place as she introduces traditional Greek instruments and melodies into her repertoire for the first time.

Following her empowering single “WOMAN,” Rafaèlla unveils her latest creation, the uplifting and dramatically charged “Renaissance.” This marks her official resurgence within the music industry, a declaration of her artistic revival. Through her mellifluous yet assured vocals and the incorporation of traditional Greek instruments, she paints an evocative picture of her identity as an artist, solidifying her place in the ever-evolving landscape of music.

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A harmonious blend of the timeless and the contemporary characterizes their musical essence, capturing the urgency of their era while infusing it with optimism. Let’s introduce the collective: Matt DeAngelis assumes the roles of vocalist, pianist, Kronos and Mellotron player, and even the occasional tambourine enthusiast; Bill Kennedy, the maestro on guitars; Eric Bishop, the soulful anchor on bass; and Dan Pettolina, the rhythmic heartbeat behind the drums. Their shared journey spans significant durations – Matt’s collaboration with Bill spans seven prolific years, Eric’s seamless basslines have enriched their sound for four, while Dan and Matt have synergized for over two years within The Loop’s dynamic confines.

Matt DeAngelis

Their resonances have reverberated through Radio Airplay, Amazing Radio, and Radio Wigwam. Beyond the airwaves, their performances have graced renowned venues like Bottle and Cork, The Princeton, and the captivating shores of Fager’s Island. Celebrating the release of their latest single “Speak For A Moment,” they plunge into the heart of rock, crafting a melodious tale that transcends time. A mirror reflecting the zeitgeist’s tribulations, “Speak For A Moment” seamlessly weaves Matt’s introspections into the broader fabric of collective consciousness. This auditory creation took form at Gradwell House Studios and Musically Speaking Studios, a testament to the collective efforts of Bill Kennedy, Tom Conran, and John DeAngelis in its production.

The single encapsulates the ethos of seizing the present, etching their imprint, and breaking the silence of inertia. A fervent tambourine episode did result in a bruised chest – an anecdote etched in studio history. Their bass virtuoso, Eric Bishop, aptly captures the essence: “Their musical blend transcends genres, providing each member the canvas to craft brilliance.”

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Set to make its debut on August 11th, 2023, “MOCKSTER” emerges as a raw, high-octane, and irresistibly catchy track. This upcoming single is a testament to the band’s multifaceted prowess, showcasing not only their musical versatility but also their knack for crafting tunes that embed themselves in the mind, prompting even the most reserved souls to groove along.

Ginger May

“MOCKSTAR,” due to hit your favorite streaming platforms on August 11th, 2023, promises an unrefined yet captivating sonic journey. A showcase of the band’s dexterity, this track effortlessly weaves through genres, proving that Ginger May’s identity can’t be confined to a single label. Drawing inspiration from industrial energy and metal’s thunderous might, their music also flourishes with electronic nuances, evident in their standout compositions.

Intriguingly, Ginger May’s online presence reflects their impact. With a robust following exceeding 6,000 enthusiasts across various platforms and a YouTube view count surpassing 200,000, this Tokyo-based rock outfit gears up to unleash a new single that further evolves their image and sound. While metamorphosing, they steadfastly integrate the values and influences that have brought them to this exhilarating juncture.

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