Ever experienced that wild sensation of being drawn to someone who, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t catch your attention? We’ve all been there – they seem out of your league for some inexplicable reason. It’s alright to love and hold yourself in high regard. But then comes that one person, completely unexpected, a magnetic pull you can’t ignore. Could it be real? You keep it to yourself, trying to unravel the puzzle, thinking, “No way, right?” Yet, maybe it’s time for a seismic shift.

Bad Ass Beauty

LaQuinta Prince, also known as Bad Ass Beauty, emerges as a powerhouse R&B vocalist embarking on an audacious exploration of rock. Hailing from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, her influences traverse Led Zeppelin to Chaka Khan, Beyoncé to In This Moment. LaQuinta seamlessly intertwines these genres, redefining rock through her own lens.

With a lifelong performance history spanning bands and studio sessions, LaQuinta channels her journey into her upcoming album “4 Horsemen.” Her unreleased rock opera version of this album was even selected for the 2018 New York Musical Festival, praised for its unique impact. As her debut single “Me” readies for release on February 24, 2023, and the full album “4 Horsemen” prepares to drop in the fall of 2023, LaQuinta Prince stands at the forefront of change. A black indie artist shifting the rock landscape, one step, one click, one fan, and one electrifying show at a time.

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The Vigilante

Introducing The Vigilante, a solo alt rock force committed to illuminating the shadows in our society. With a resolute ethos, this artist embodies the hero within us all, unmasking the truth that lies beneath.Hailing as a solitary powerhouse, The Vigilante takes the reins on all instruments. Born from the idea of hidden heroism, the artist delves into our shared inclination to shroud our true selves.

Influenced by Depeche Mode, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and David Bowie, The Vigilante’s sound reflects this diverse mix. The single “Lost & Found” stems from a heartfelt place, shedding light on foster system kids and other lost souls seeking their place in this world.

From recording to mastering, The Vigilante single-handedly brought the project to life. “Lost & Found” encapsulates the struggles of children navigating a daunting world, trying to preserve their innocence. A poignant plea emerges, asking: “In a world full of darkness, can we be the light?”

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Emerging as a shining star on the rise, Jay Kabalan ignites the scene. His debut track, “Mi Pelirroja,” has captured widespread attention and its growth shows no signs of slowing. Backed by strong ties within the Latin music industry, his trajectory points directly towards triumph. Notably, Jay Kabalan is fully independent, funding his musical journey through triumphs beyond the realms of melodies. It’s his unwavering determination to thrive that truly sets him apart.

Meet the force behind it all, Jay Kabalan, a one-man show in this musical journey. With his debut “Mi Pelirroja” just launched last month, closely followed by “FLAKITA” this month, Jay’s strategy is clear – one song per month for the next few months. Momentum is in his favor.

Reviewers have hailed Jay Kabalan as the beacon of a new era. Crafting music deeply rooted in human experiences, his upcoming single “FLAKITA” unearths a tale of forbidden love ensnared in its grip. Produced by Josh Tampico, this upcoming release carries the promise of a resonant melody and a captivating story, adding another gem to Jay Kabalan’s growing treasure trove.

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