Expressing sincere gratitude for past support, John Leslie returns with an opulent and lush production following a name change. Seamlessly intertwining jazz nuances with Latin rhythms, layered harmonies serve as the backdrop for Leslie’s distinct and fervent vocals, breathing life into his exquisitely penned verses of love, loss, forgiveness, and resilience. The outcome is a track that resonates profoundly, poised to stand alongside the most poignant love ballads in history.

John Leslie

‘The History of Sugar,’ crafted by John Leslie, is more than a song; it’s a journey into a realm of timeless music that leaves its audience spellbound. The intricate instrumentation, velvety voice, and rich production weave an auditory masterpiece.Renowned for his instrumental prowess, Leslie collaborates once again with Peter Koppes, an ARIA Hall of Fame inductee and a long-time associate of the iconic band ‘The Church.’ This collaboration elevates Leslie’s already exceptional music to new heights, infusing it with artistry and emotional depth.With international radio play and media acclaim, Leslie’s music has amassed over 300,000 Spotify streams. His captivating music video ‘Cosmic Echoes’ has secured numerous international film festival accolades.John Leslie, an award-winning singer-songwriter, remains true to his artistic identity. His music defies genre constraints, spanning dream pop, pop rock, gospel, and beyond, yet always carrying his unmistakable signature. Evolving from a period of immersion in non-Western music, Leslie has refined his craft, producing a unique and captivating sound that resonates across generations.

Indie Dock Music aptly summarizes Leslie’s prowess: “John’s first and foremost talent is his ability to create unforgettable melodies with good soul lyrics.” His music embodies a hymn of love, captivating listeners across the globe with its luminous beauty and uplifting essence.In an industry characterized by dynamic shifts, John Leslie stands as an unmissable artist whose dreamy and inspiring compositions promise to linger in the hearts and minds of his audience.

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Embarking on his musical journey, Lockdown Song emerges as the latest creation by Dweck, building upon the foundation set by his preceding tracks, “Before” and “Melting Icicles.” The song signifies a triumphant comeback for the artist following a quiet 2022. Unveiled on December 3rd, 2021, “Melting Icicles” established the groundwork for the evolution of Lockdown Song, adorned with Dweck’s resonant vocals and delicate piano melodies.


Dweck’s musical prowess is unmistakable in the remastered rendition of “Before,” which debuted in 2021 to a resounding reception. The piece effortlessly channels the essence of Pink Floyd’s iconic prog rock era, enveloping listeners in a sonic realm that captures the past while retaining its contemporary allure.

As Lockdown Song takes center stage, it showcases Dweck’s artistic growth and development. The seamless fusion of heartfelt vocals and gentle piano underscores his aptitude for conveying profound sentiments through his music, striking a chord with audiences on a profound level. In a world where quiet moments resonate loudly, Dweck’s compositions offer solace and connection, solidifying his position as a cherished presence in the music landscape.

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In a musical world brimming with anticipation, the Happy Curmudgeons unveil “2nd Chances,” the captivating harbinger of their forthcoming album, slated for release in late 2023. The title track, laden with emotional depth, introduces a new lyrical dimension contributed by Amy Dixon-Lavery, a testament to the band’s evolving artistry. The ensemble, a convergence of exceptional talents curated by producer Mark Byerly, weaves a sonic tapestry that resonates profoundly.

The song’s instrumental dynamics are curated by Dave Hamilton’s evocative acoustic guitar, intertwined with Jeff Warner’s electric prowess, and heightened by Jim Moose Brown’s Hammond B3 Organ, evoking a rich auditory experience. A chorus of celestial backing vocals courtesy of Laura Creamer, Barbara Payton, and Cathleen Wiley adds ethereal layers, complemented by the stirring melodies of David Patton’s violin and Chaz Owsley’s resonant cello.

Noteworthy is Byerly’s production finesse, having previously lent his trumpet skills to Bob Seger’s Silver Bullet Band, and Bill Skibbe’s meticulous mastering at Third Man Records, Detroit. “2nd Chances” poignantly encapsulates the theme of redemption and the art of moving forward after life’s stumbles. This single marks a transcendent journey, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the symphonic currents of renewal and hope.

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Our duo is thrilled to unveil our inaugural single, “Same Ol’ Deja Vu.” Brace yourself for an infectious rhythm that beckons toes to tap and bodies to sway. Embrace the fusion of timeless acoustic elements interwoven with contemporary production and subtle notes of psychedelia, creating an irresistible musical tapestry.Meet the minds behind the magic: Daniel Tadeo, our vibrant lead singer and percussionist, and James Beasley, the maestro handling guitar, banjo, mandolin, and bass duties. A harmonious collision of talents brought us together, serendipitously cohabiting in San Francisco.Drawing inspiration from bluegrass luminaries such as Bill Monroe, The Stanley Brothers, Doc Watson, and the indomitable Johnny Cash, our music embodies the spirit of the genre’s pioneers.

Curson Goya

The creative journey of “Same Ol’ Deja Vu” unfolded in the comfort of our living room studio, a haven where we meticulously nurtured each note. The production was a two-person symphony, guided solely by our shared vision and unyielding passion.Embedded in this single is a larger narrative, woven into our enigmatic protagonist, Curson Goya. This particular track offers a vivid portrayal of a soul entwined in a life of recklessness and self-indulgence, all the while acutely cognizant of the impending perils.

“Same Ol’ Deja Vu” invites you to lose yourself in the tale of a life unshackled, a reminder that even amidst chaos, we navigate the dance of existence with an awareness that makes every step profound.

I’m thrilled to unveil the release of ‘This World You’re Living In,’ a single that embodies my unique sound and musical essence. This song seamlessly intertwines the ability to evoke tears, incite dance, and eventually celebrate with the right person.

Beth Olive

Collaborating with the exceptionally talented Claudia Mills from BITTERS, we’ve taken an initially gentle acoustic tale of unrequited love and metamorphosed it into an Alt Pop gem. The juxtaposition of lively melodies against heartfelt lyrics creates an enthralling paradox, adapting its meaning according to the desired emotional backdrop.Introducing the debut single ‘This World You’re Living In,’ a testament to my artistic identity. With a melody that tugs at heartstrings and rhythms that prompt feet to move, this song encapsulates the rollercoaster of human emotion. Claudia Mills, the mastermind behind BITTERS, lent her production prowess, weaving a sonic tapestry that resonates deeply.The heart of the song lies in its narrative: a reflection on feeling inadequate in the eyes of someone held in high esteem. Yet, the underlying message conveys that such comparisons are futile, for every individual deserves a kindred connection that values them equally.

Embrace ‘This World You’re Living In,’ now available across all streaming platforms, inviting you to experience its multifaceted essence. Tune in and traverse the spectrum of emotions, finding solace in the shared journey of love and self-discovery.

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In an industry where standing out is a challenge, there’s an unrelenting group of musicians who not only manage to express themselves profoundly but also encourage others to do the same. The upcoming album, “…and now…” by Polemica, is a testament to this ethos. Bursting with social commentary and introspection, it creates an inviting refuge within its music. Emerging two years after their collaborative endeavor “Herstory in 3 parts: Repeat, Remove, Create,” Polemica’s latest release is a potent blend of intense lyrics and commanding melodies. Slated for launch on September 30, 2023, “…and now…” stands as a deliberate departure from convention, embracing an undefined yet compelling identity. The album orchestrates a symphony of rock’s remnants, experimental vigor, and resounding anthems, forming a circular dance that commences where it concludes.


“…and now…” mirrors the duality of hope and despair, channeled through pulsating rhythms and sonic reflections. This auditory journey silences the cacophony of social static, fostering independent contemplation. A rallying call for supporting independent music, this album beckons listeners to immerse themselves fully. The artwork, a captivating collaboration between British artists Paul Brennan and Dionne Swift, encapsulates the album’s essence – vibrant, symbolic, and commanding. Comprising ten dynamic tracks, each bearing a unique musical persona, “…and now…” embodies the embodiment of thinkrock.

Formed in 2016, Polemica, hailing from Italy and the USA, swiftly captured attention with their self-produced debut album, “Keep Your Laws Off My Mind.” Their sonic journey continued with “Breach” in 2018, followed by a spirited European tour. Amid the pandemic’s throes, their virtual creation “Herstory in 3 Parts: Repeat, Remove, Create” emerged, digitally resonating in 2021.

Lead vocalist Hilary Binder, a product of DC’s ’80s punk scene, has a storied musical career. Bassist Giulio Marino traverses genres, while multi-instrumentalist Vincenzo Vik Di Santo and sound researcher Zilvio contribute their distinct musical flavors. Together, they forge “…and now…”, a harmonious blend of raw expression and thoughtful resonance that beckons listeners to join their sonic expedition.

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