Grace & Moji, the dynamic indie duo, are poised to make a splash in the music world with their forthcoming release, “Monster.” This lively and infectious indie pop duet not only captures hearts with its catchy tunes, but delves into the universal theme of embracing imperfections and acknowledging the interplay between light and darkness within us all. “Monster” is an anthem for those who’ve felt the tug of their inner contradictions. Grace & Moji gracefully communicate that, despite growth and healing, a shadow occasionally emerges. With lyrics like “all the trips to Bali, stayed in so many temples, but the shadow dominates my moods,” the song ventures into the vulnerability of confronting our inner struggles.

Grace & Moji

“Monster” encapsulates the duo’s unique style of blending energetic indie pop with thought-provoking lyrics. Their seamless harmonies, infectious rhythms, and vibrant instrumentation forge an irresistibly joyful listening experience. The song, slated for release on August 3rd, promises to be a favorite among indie pop enthusiasts worldwide.With a growing fanbase and previous releases garnering attention, Grace & Moji’s success trajectory is clear. Their relatable and catchy tunes are set to resonate with listeners, becoming an anthem for embracing our complexities and celebrating individuality.

Connect with Grace & Moji on their official website and social media channels for updates on their upcoming debut EP, set to arrive later this year. Don’t miss the chance to experience the captivating collaboration of Grace Hong and Martin Wave as they share their intimate journey through love, creativity, and healing in their music.

“(Grace & Moji’s) upcoming EP boldly explores the tensions and revelations of their relationship… Get ready to experience a breakthrough in both music and in your own life.”

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Stepping onto the scene with a debut release that’s as diverse as life itself, I bring you “Deal With The Devil.” This musical odyssey takes you through a spectrum of emotions, tackling themes from death and religion to love, money, and the tug-of-war between happiness and pain. The title, “Deal With The Devil,” reflects the web of deadly bargains that paint our world – from ideological terrorism to corporate enslavement.

Erhaan Ahmad

Drawing inspiration from Berlin’s vibrant music culture, my passion for growth fuels this musical journey. While my tracks might pique your interest, my thirst to learn and evolve drives me. I invite you to connect, share feedback, and join me on this exciting quest for improvement.Crafted in Berlin, under the skillful guidance of producer Usama Siddiq, the album’s standout “Bumbling Bee” navigates the struggle of finding solace in a foreign land, while “Devil Deal” resonates with the liberation of breaking free from a soul-sucking 9-5.

As I embark on this transformative voyage, my aim is clear: growth, connection, and sharing the melodies that resonate with the journey of life itself. Join me, for it’s not just an album but the dawn of a rewarding odyssey.

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Hailing from Berlin, the indietronic duo Bromsen, established by Richard and Karlo Bromsen in 2021, masterfully crafts their music around infectious melodies, beautifully woven with synthwave and guitar nuances.


Earning praises from independent press and radio stations globally, Bromsen’s initial trio of singles – “Merryman,” “The Photograph,” and “We!” – have left an indelible mark. Now, their fourth single “Read About It,” released on July 14th via Epictronic, pays homage to artists who poured their hearts into their art despite confronting personal battles. This resonant track commemorates figures like Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain, along with lesser-known talents who met a similar fate.

Berlin’s indietronic pair, Bromsen, proudly unveils “Read About It,” a glimpse of their forthcoming debut album “Brothers in Mind,” scheduled to release later this year. This composition is an ode to the power of art, a tribute to those whose creations left an imprint, echoing through generations.

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