ReverbNation Crowd Evaluators have expressed their enthusiastic admiration for “Francesca,” an entrancing indie track that defies conventional norms. This heartfelt composition delves into genuine sentiments and personal reflection, making it a cherished gem for a diverse array of listeners.


Scheduled for release on August 24th, 2023, Forgotten Garden’s upcoming single, “Francesca,” tells a poignant narrative about a woman named Francesca, ensnared in a life dominated by her demanding mother. The lyrics evoke a yearning for a bygone existence, a sentiment that deeply resonates. As Francesca’s mental well-being diminishes under the burden of her responsibilities, her external allure begins to wane, mirroring her internal turmoil.

Inês’s evocative vocals harmonize with Mel D’s spirited basslines and Matt Snowden’s rhythmic percussion, all layered over Danny’s rich blend of guitars and synthesizers. Drawing inspiration from bands such as The Cure and Joy Division, Forgotten Garden’s music finds its roots. Inês’s vocal style echoes influences from artists like Florence Welch and Lana Del Rey.Forgotten Garden, a Dark Indie duo originating from Portugal and Scotland, craft melancholic and haunting melodies. With a sound often likened to the meeting of Lana Del Rey and The Cure, their latest single promises to be a compelling odyssey into the depths of emotions. As anticipation mounts, the enchanting fusion of Inês’s vocals and the band’s instrumental arrangement in “Francesca” is poised to construct an immersive auditory experience that resonates deeply with audiences.

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MTS Records proudly unveils the fresh single and accompanying video, titled “Donna,” from the soulful spirit rock artist, SOBAK. The track finds its place within his latest album, “A Little More Time,” which recently graced the music scene.


Based in Florida, the singer-songwriter, SOBAK, has been weaving his musical tapestry since the tender age of 15, boasting an array of well-received releases that have resonated nationwide. With educational roots in music from Ball State University and the University of Nevada Las Vegas, he has consistently refined his craft. His compositions have been embraced by the airwaves, celebrated for their authenticity and emotionally charged lyrics.

“Donna” unfurls a narrative of the tribulations within a long-distance relationship. The poignant ballad delves into the challenges of separation while embracing the optimism of reuniting. The music video intimately trails the journey of SOBAK and his paramour Donna, navigating the hurdles of physical distance while keeping their bond unbroken.Hailing from the Florida spirit rock scene, SOBAK’s “Donna” emerges as a heartfelt testimony from his latest work, “A Little More Time.” The visual counterpart has been thoughtfully brought to life by Pure Designs.

Embarking on a musical journey since the age of 15, SOBAK’s vibrant career found its momentum. His passion extends to inspiring lives through his music, encapsulated within the harmonious sounds and uplifting energy he delivers. Available now on major streaming platforms, “Donna” is set to captivate audiences with its genuine spirit and resonating melodies.

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Greetings! Allow me to introduce you to Zarah Westhouse, an enigmatic musical talent hailing from the captivating landscapes of Switzerland. Zarah’s musical journey is a tale of spreading happiness through her unique blend of electronic, dance, and pop dance genres. Amidst a cloak of mystery, Zarah is gearing up to reveal her mesmerizing creations to the world. Embracing anonymity, her music takes the spotlight, conveying emotions and stories that transcend personal details. Drawing inspiration from the euphoria of music and the enchantment of the unknown, Zarah’s soundscapes transport listeners to a realm of pure joy and bliss. Her melodies and infectious beats weave an emotional tapestry, leaving audiences yearning for more.

Zarah Westhouse

As the world eagerly anticipates dancing to Zarah Westhouse’s tunes, her commitment to touching hearts and lifting spirits remains steadfast. Through her music, Zarah’s brilliance shines even in the shadows. A few words from Zarah herself: “I am just another person aiming to enrich the world with my music. For now, my identity remains a mystery. Creating good music is a collaborative endeavor, with the hope of touching someone’s life. My third song, set for release on August 4th, 2023, seeks to build bridges between generations by infusing modern vibes with the positivity of previous eras.” Zarah’s latest single embodies that “wow” factor, immediately captivating audiences with its flowing melodies and engaging lyrics. The song captures the essence of sunshine, carefree summers, and tranquil sunsets. Zarah’s pop dance and electronic sound are a magical blend, reflecting her aim to create joyous music for all.

With a heartwarming allure, Zarah’s track “Memories of Eden” showcases her exceptional ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level. The song’s serene composition invites introspection and reflection.Stay tuned for Zarah’s upcoming EP, slated for release in various languages, each weaving its own tale through shared background tunes. The project took six months of dedication, featuring a central role for the violin.

In a world where musical voices echo, Zarah Westhouse stands out as a unique and enigmatic artist, promising a symphony of emotions that will resonate far beyond the sounds themselves.

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Dive into the irresistible beats of summer with K-Syran’s revamped version of the timeless hit “Sunny.” In a dancefloor-ready collaboration with Billboard #1 producer Dan Thomas, K-Syran unleashes a remix that promises to make waves. This infectious track is primed to be the ultimate dance anthem of the season, setting the stage for electrifying moments on the dance floor.


K-Syran is more than just a musical force; she’s a multifaceted artist known for her prowess as a singer, songwriter, actress, author, director, and women’s rights advocate. Trained at renowned institutions like RADA & GUILDHALL SCHOOL OF MUSIC & DRAMA, she’s been a part of impactful collaborations with industry giants like Blue, Sugababes, StoneBridge, and Sebastian Pérez.

Her single “Intimacy” received United Nations recognition as the anthem for International Women’s Day, while her album “Dizzy” earned prestigious nominations in the U.S. Furthermore, K-Syran’s creative endeavors extend to the cinematic realm. Her self-produced film “ELLIDA,” based on Henrik Ibsen’s masterpiece, showcases her talent as an actor and creator.

Now, K-Syran takes on Boney M’s legendary hit “Sunny” with an energetic organ piano house mix that infuses the track with fresh life. Coupled with her soulful vocals, this rendition radiates pure joy, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the rhythm and embrace the dance.

K-Syran’s recent performances at Ibiza Gay Pride and Geneva’s Madeleine Théâtre have only added to her artistic allure, leaving fans eager for more. As K-Syran’s take on “Sunny” spreads its warmth, prepare to be transported to a world where music and movement unite in a euphoric celebration of summer’s boundless energy.

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