Introducing the Mojo Brothers Band from the heart of Texas! Currently taking the Lone Star State by storm with their electrifying live performances, this dynamic quartet is proud to present their latest single, “Devil’s Eye.” As the band’s ninth single release, they’ve hit a new high with this one. Comprising a group of talented songwriters, the Mojo Brothers Band is all about refining their craft by weaving their unique styles together. “Devil’s Eye” exemplifies their masterful fusion of Country, Rock, and Blues, ushering in the exciting wave of Red Dirt Country music that’s captivating the USA. All four members of the MOJO BROTHERS BAND are true-blooded Texans, hailing from different parts of the Lone Star State. Eric Harris (Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), Jimmy Zapata (Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), Bob Landis (Bass Guitar, Backup Vocals), and founding member Mark Thomas (Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals) bring their Texan spirit and authenticity to their music.

Mojo Brothers Band

Known as the “crowd favorite” at every gig, corporate event, venue, and festival, the Mojo Brothers Band takes immense pride in delivering a high-octane live performance every time they step on stage. They understand that their show is not just about the music but also a memorable experience for the audience. Versatility is one of their strong suits. They can tailor their show to your preferences, whether it’s a long corporate event with a mix of cover and original songs, a venue performance with a variety of covers and originals, or a shorter set focused on either original tracks or covers. The Mojo Brothers Band knows how to get the crowd grooving.

Combining clean acoustic and electric guitars, tight bass, and drum rhythms, the Mojo Brothers Band has a signature sound that’s rooted in country, yet they’re not afraid to incorporate a bit of rock and blues when the occasion calls for it. Their covers span an array of iconic artists, from Johnny Cash to Tom Petty, delivering a performance that’s engaging and full of energy. Additionally, their collaboration with novelist and songwriter Clay Mitchell of San Antonio has resulted in a treasure trove of original music. With tracks like “I’m a Wannabe,” “Women Cars Guns & Guitars,” “Long Shot,” and “Lightning Comes Around,” the Mojo Brothers Band is all set to rock your world. These singles, along with their 2022 releases, including “Gypsy Queen,” “Devil’s Eye,” “I Can’t Stand the Way I Like to Live,” and “Graveyard of Halos,” are a testament to their fiery spirit and high-voltage performances, and they promise there’s more Mojo to come. So, Texas and beyond, get ready to groove to the Mojo Brothers Band like never before. It’s a wild ride through the heart of country, blues, and rock, and they’re leading the way.

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Renowned queer Irish artiste JD Kelleher is once again making waves with a captivating double single and two mesmerizing music videos. Following the summer’s highly praised rendition of “Over the Rainbow,” JD, a London-based non-binary Irish actor and singer/songwriter, has released not one but two sensational tracks: “The Wings of Your Love,” co-written by JD and producer Jimmy Pinol, and a classic cover of the iconic “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Paul Simon.

JD Kelleher

JD has joined forces with Catalan musicians Jimmy Pinol, David Ibarz, and Marti Rieira, along with new band member Alex Badia on keys and synths. This talented ensemble previously made headlines when their debut single and video version of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” topped the Irish rock chart during the Marriage Equality referendum in May 2015. The song was the lead single from JD’s debut EP, “The Ugly Tree.””The Wings of Your Love” holds a special place for JD, as it marks the first time they wrote the lyrics for a song. This joyous love song, inspired musically by Elton John, David Bowie, and the Beatles, evokes the sunny, fluttery feeling of falling in love.

Their rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” pays homage to a classic that has stood the test of time. Paul Simon initially thought the lyrics might be too simple, but the song’s universal appeal and timeless beauty lie in its lyrical simplicity. The release of these two songs and music videos is a testament to JD’s artistic versatility and their commitment to both reinterpretation and original composition. As JD puts it, “I love reinterpreting great songs but I’m not a tribute act. My own songs are ultimately what I exist for, as an artist, and we have recorded lots more exciting original tracks for next year.” With two remarkable ballads and a stunning diptych of music videos, JD Kelleher and their talented band invite you to experience the magic of their music. So whether you’re a fan of classic tunes or yearn for fresh, original sounds, JD has something special in store for you.

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Ein 7, a fresh entrant into the pop music scene, presents her latest release, “After You.” This track, while carrying a faint resemblance to Britney Spears’ iconic hit “Everytime,” takes its own unique turns, paving the way for an exciting new artist in the pop world. Ein 7, a singer and songwriter, has transitioned from the realms of physics and classical music to create captivating melodies in pop. Her venture into the world of pop music reflects her desire to breathe life into her creative tunes, and her journey promises to unveil a diverse range of musical genres.

After You

The song showcases Ein 7’s transition into the pop scene and captures a sense of rebirth and renewal. Inspired by the chorus melody, which conveys the idea of a fresh start and new beginnings, “After You” delves into themes of healing and recovery after a breakup. As Ein 7 explores her dreamy style period, she orchestrates the production to evoke emotions reminiscent of Britney Spears’ “Everytime.” The song’s verses follow a simplistic style to harmonize with the broader instrumental vision crafted for the production.

Ein 7‘s “After You” serves as a melodic balm for the wounds of heartbreak, offering solace and the promise of a brighter future. With her unique blend of influences and personal touch, Ein 7 marks her arrival in the pop music arena with a track that carries a touch of nostalgia yet resonates with the optimism of a new era.

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Songwriter and musician Tim Tye, under his project name Midnight Sky, has unveiled a captivating new single following the success of his Top 10 UK iTunes Country hit, “Last Hope for the Modern World.” Titled “Long Way Back to Town,” this track is a remarkable addition to their critically-praised third album, “Last Hope for the Modern World.”

Midnight Sky

Midnight Sky’s signature fusion of country and Americana shines brilliantly through the emotional tapestry of this song. Tim Tye’s robust vocals, paired with his deft guitar skills, weave a compelling narrative through the rollercoaster of love and relationships. “Long Way Back to Town” eloquently narrates the trials and tribulations one faces in the quest for love’s redemption after heartbreak. Drawing from personal experiences and keen observations, Tim Tye’s songwriting prowess is on full display here, breathing life into the very heart of the track.

“Long Way Back to Town” is a testament to Tim Tye’s artistry and his unwavering commitment to his craft. Following the footsteps of the previous hit, “Last Hope for the Modern World,” which climbed to #7 on the UK iTunes charts, this new single has set high expectations. Their album, “Last Hope for the Modern World,” has already amassed over 65,000 streams on Spotify since its July release. “Long Way Back to Town” is a lyrical journey through the complexities of love, set against the backdrop of Midnight Sky’s distinct country and Americana sound. With their music continuing to resonate with audiences, Midnight Sky is positioning itself as a rising star in the world of country and Americana music.

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