Introducing “Not Good Enough,” the dynamic third single from my debut solo album, released on June 16. This captivating track blends alt/pop-rock elements with intricate electronic rhythms, creating an engaging musical experience. The song delves into themes of self-assurance and insecurity, as the protagonist sets out to conquer their inner struggles.

Brian Strand

Influenced by a diverse range including Nine Inch Nails, Billie Eilish, and Depeche Mode, the song’s genesis began with a melodious hook reminiscent of boy bands from the 2000s. This initial spark became the foundation for the entire composition, evolving into the vibrant track it is today.The recording and engineering took place in my home studio in California, adding a personal touch to the song’s creation. It was meticulously mastered by Dan Menapace and later reworked by Billy Farmer of In A Box Records, resulting in a finely polished sonic piece.

At its core, the song embodies a transformative journey—encouraging listeners to confront insecurities and embrace self-acceptance. It’s a musical representation of personal evolution, highlighted by the bravery to express vulnerabilities. As I navigate the complex realm of artistic exploration, your support guides me on this transformative quest.

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Emerging from two years of sonic refinement and musical exploration, Tasmanian alt-rock group DRENCHED marks an exhilarating return with “Slug,” the flagship single from their inaugural album, “Infinite Resource.”

Building upon their successful 2021 debut EP, DRENCHED has set their sights higher. Following a fruitful Arts Tasmania grant application and extensive songwriting and rehearsals, the band joined forces with esteemed local audio engineer and producer, Cameron Johnson, to craft “Infinite Resource.” A labor of passion throughout the latter half of 2022, the album delves into the complexities of modern existence while cherishing small victories.


“Slug” encapsulates the essence of the album, serving as a reflective anthem. The song narrates the tale of an introverted soul standing at a party’s periphery, keen to be alone with a particular person. The narrative encapsulates the paradox of wanting solitude amidst social interaction. Embracing playful, nursery rhyme-like melodies juxtaposed with languid lead guitar lines, “Slug” draws inspiration from luminaries like Weezer, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Sunny Day Real Estate. Enthusiasts of contemporary 90s emo revival acts such as Narrow Head, Superheaven, and Teenage Wrist will find resonance in DRENCHED’s expansive alternative rock sound and shoegaze ambiance.

Featuring a lineup comprising Thomas Harvey (Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals), Josef Bound (Drums, Vocals), Alex Tyson (Lead Guitar, Vocals), and Lucas Marik (Bass), DRENCHED emerged from the remnants of musical projects like Pop Noi’Sop, Squashed Lizard, and Hurricane Youth in 2020. Channeling influences from Hum and Deftones to Weezer and Violent Soho, DRENCHED’s musical journey boasts highlights like a feature on Edge Radio 99.3FM and sharing the stage with Brisbane’s shoegaze outfit Screamfeeder during their 2022 national tour.

As they gear up for the release of their debut album on August 4, DRENCHED’s single “Slug” radiates alternative rock authenticity. With recording, mixing, and mastering accomplished at Valley Sounds in Launceston, Tasmania (lutruwita) under the expert guidance of Cameron Johnson Audio, DRENCHED sets the stage for a promising sonic odyssey. “Slug” isn’t merely a song—it encapsulates the intricate interplay between introspection and social dynamics, all set to a backdrop of infectious melodies and resonant lyricism. In the words of the band, “Someone call the tax office, because this song is the absolute business!”


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Straight out of the Philly suburbs, Close Drive is unveiling their very first music video, giving us a taste of what’s to come with “Bed Head,” a sneak peek into their upcoming single dropping on August 16th. This indie rock crew, originally a duo, has grown into a fantastic foursome: John Antoni (guitar/backing vox), Brandon Higgins (guitar/lead vox), William Higgins (bass, backing vox), and Kevin Sullivan (drums). And let me tell you, the video was shot against the stunning backdrop of Washington State, beautifully echoing the vibes of “Bed Head”—think rainy pine forests, open roads, and sunny shores.

Close Drive

Their sound, cooked up by producer and mixer Tyler Ripley of Free Dive Records, pumps up the volume with a groovy bassline and those earworm melodies you just can’t shake. Chatting about the song, John Antoni says it’s like a late-night road trip to clear your head or a moody day with no end in sight for the sun. Brandon Higgins chimes in, explaining how the song connects in different ways for everyone, making it a unique piece of art that hits home in its own way.

“Bed Head” is where Close Drive cranks up the energy. Transitioning from a duo to a full-blown foursome, they’re riding this electrifying wave. And about that awesome video? Well, it all started as a joke at a local gig, and somehow turned into their very first music video shot in the picturesque Washington scenery.

As the weather warms up, Close Drive is keeping the fire alive, promising us more fresh tunes in 2023. Their distinctive blend of melodies and heart-tugging vibes, made in collaboration with indie label Free Dive Records, is bound to make its mark on your playlist. Keep those ears perked for what’s next—these guys are just getting started.

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