Introducing El Monko and his newest single, an emotional embodiment of past relationships and a vibrant preview of their upcoming EP. This single serves as a heartfelt introduction to their musical journey, designed to leave a lasting impression on listeners who resonate with its themes of nostalgia and emotional resonance. Behind El Monko’s evocative sound, the talented artist is a one-person orchestra, proficient in guitar, drums, and piano. Having embarked on their musical journey in 2018, El Monko’s influences are steeped in the pursuit of positive vibes and harmonious frequencies.

El Monko believe the vision

The single’s inception and realization were solely orchestrated by El Monko, from production and writing to performance and engineering—a testament to their creative prowess. This musical endeavor stands as a testament to the artist’s philosophy of moving forward while finding contentment in the present. El Monko’s latest release navigates the introspective waters of past relationships, delving into the decisions that have shaped their present journey. A touch of amusement surrounds the recording process, as the chorus spontaneously echoes throughout El Monko’s household.

In the artist’s words, “Don’t stress about where you are going, as long as you are enjoying the present.” As El Monko opens the doors to their musical narrative, listeners are invited to embrace both the retrospective and the vibrant present in this compelling release.

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Presenting Cedric D and his latest EP “Elevate,” an exciting fusion of Electro Disco, Funk, and House influences, designed to uplift and transport listeners. This release embodies Cedric D’s dedication to crafting music that brings joy and defies genre constraints, evident in tracks like “Mount Fuji” with its global resonance. Cedric D stands as a solo artist driving this creative endeavor. Influences from iconic figures like Bonobo, Prince, and Odesza infuse his sound with diversity and unity. With upcoming performances slated for 2024 and prior features on, Cedric D’s musical journey is in full swing.

Cedric D

Beyond the melodies, Cedric D’s creativity shines in unique settings, such as his debut live renditions set for a Bay Area artist event. Reviews echo his prowess, as Vent Magazine praises his ability to capture dream-like wonder.

Recorded in the lively Bay Area, “Elevate” reflects Cedric D’s individual artistic vision. The EP embodies his ethos of spreading positivity and embracing global influences, manifesting through funk, disco, and house elements. “Elevate” invites listeners to indulge in a musical escape that resonates with joy and universal appeal, reflecting Cedric D’s artistic essence.

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Introducing a musical gem – the 3rd release of the year and the 3rd single from an upcoming project that promises to captivate hearts. This R&B sensation exudes catchiness and allure, weaving a tale of intimacy through sultry melodies. With profound excitement, the artist reveals how they’ve pushed their creative boundaries, crafting an unforgettable listening journey. Entitled “Closure,” the song encapsulates a chapter within a larger narrative, a tale of an involuntary “entanglement.” The artist weaves their personal experience into the music, a relatable journey that unravels through each note. Crafted alongside trusted producer and musical soulmate Brandon Zano, this collaboration resulted in a jazzy, smooth slow jam.

Marc Rangel

Amidst the jazzy harmonies and vocal prowess reminiscent of Brandy and Mariah Carey, the artist’s determination shines. The musical voyage unravels a late-night encounter, sharing moments of vulnerability that lead to a captivating, high whistle note. The producer’s awe-struck reaction to this moment serves as a testament to the artistry and depth that infuse every lyric.

Intricately intertwining personal experiences and artistic vision, this upcoming body of work unravels the artist’s journey, embracing both the highs and the lows of romantic encounters. As “Closure” marks the latest chapter, listeners are invited to traverse a world of emotions, evoked by heartfelt melodies and a candid narrative.

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Meet MUNGMUNG, an independent Alt Hip Hop and R&B artist hailing from Sydney, whose debut album ‘Boujee Bby’ is shaking up the music scene. The latest addition, the music video for “Internet Friends,” is set to drop on August 23rd, marking a highly anticipated moment for fans. MUNGMUNG’s expressive journey resonates with audiences, as they skillfully blend genres to create a unique sound that captivates the soul. With an unmistakable passion for their craft, MUNGMUNG stands as the driving force, shaping their music into an unmissable experience. Influences ranging from Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, to Alternative and Pop come to life in their tracks, drawing inspiration from renowned artists like Tyler, The Creator, Kanye West, and more.


The artist’s journey has already been marked with notable achievements. From appearances at Big Sound and Triple J’s Bars of Steel to headlining at Phoenix Central Park, MUNGMUNG has left their mark. Their music resonates across platforms, with features on Sydney Morning Herald, FBi Radio, and beyond. MUNGMUNG’s single “Internet Friends” is a significant piece of their larger narrative, exploring the complexities of modern connections. The song delves into the emotional impacts of the online world, where impressions and relationships are deeply intertwined. MUNGMUNG’s creative process reflects their personal growth, encompassing self-love, heartbreak, and more.

The artist’s debut album ‘Boujee Bby’ was meticulously crafted in collaboration with producers like T Tofa, Taka Perry, Nerdie, and Pokari. The album radiates a feminine energy, boldly celebrating self-assurance and growth. “‘Internet Friends'” encapsulates the essence of MUNGMUNG’s introspection and creative expression, touching on the effects of the digital world on young minds. Through thoughtful lyrics and an engaging melody, the track sparks conversations about self-worth beyond metrics.

MUNGMUNG’s artistic journey doesn’t stop here, with a host of exciting events on the horizon, including performances at Sydney Fringe Festival 2023, Museum of Sydney, and the Heaps Gay Street Party. As MUNGMUNG continues to evolve, their musical odyssey invites listeners to connect with their music on a deeper level, while also reflecting on the transformative power of self-expression.

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