Juliana Strangelove, an entrancing singer-songwriter, masterfully blends elements of acoustic roots music, fusing the mystique of swampy country with the evocative essence of dusty blues. Her unmistakable contralto voice, a rare treasure, lends a luminous quality to her musical endeavors. Born in Moscow but now in the embrace of Georgia’s exile, Juliana’s artistic odyssey is as enigmatic as her melodies. Stereo Stickman reveres Juliana as an unparalleled discovery, embodying the might and soul of a rock deity through her contralto tones. Equally impressed, Contralto Corner lauds her work as an embodiment of distinctiveness, shadowy allure, and potency. Juliana’s artistic journey finds roots in her influences—imbibing the storytelling of Johnny Cash, the enigma of The Doors, and timeless allure of The Rolling Stones. Remaining grounded, she forgoes exaggerated effects, autotune, and artificiality. Her early stint on The Voice Russia stirred conversations, challenging local biases and even prompting The Daily Mail to take notice.

Juliana Strangelove

Legendary DJ Rodney Bingenheimer propelled her compositions into the limelight, resonating worldwide. International tours naturally followed, spanning Europe, the UK, and the US, bearing witness to her sonic prowess. Amidst the backdrop of a pandemic and a world in disarray, Juliana’s passion endured. Amidst the upheaval, she and her guitarist sought refuge in Georgia, channeling their energy into strings and harmonies. This creative outpour birthed a yearning for reinvention, a new narrative in a world occasionally hesitant to embrace her Russian heritage.

Enter “Dead Poets,” a melodic rock ballad encapsulating a realm where disillusionment converges with beauty. Juliana paints a vivid picture of a character finding solace in literature and melody—a reflection of her own journey. The song encapsulates the push-pull between engaging with a tumultuous world and succumbing to the call of seclusion. As Louder Than War aptly puts it, Juliana Strangelove arrives, heralding her contralto prowess and evoking sentiments of love from Russia.

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A surge of vitality pulses through The Pulltops’ latest alternative rock single, “Wide Awake,” encapsulated by its opening lyrics: “Today, I’m fully conscious, my voice is found, stories abound.” These words embody the essence of newfound empowerment and self-expression that the track champions. Building to a crescendo in the chorus, “Wide Awake” leaves an indelible mark with its anthemic energy.

The Pulltops

However, this song transcends mere musicality, becoming a rallying call for those ready to seize the reins of their stories and surmount life’s challenges. With its vibrant composition and relatable lyrics, “Wide Awake” possesses the potential to become a cherished addition to any music collection, resonating deeply with its audience. Rooted in Milwaukee, The Pulltops—a dynamic duo comprising drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell—blend the flavors of Indie Rock, Power Pop, and Album Rock. Their unique sonic landscape arises from the fusion of Mark’s love for classic country and soul and Tom’s penchant for experimentation and the underground scene. While their influences are diverse, their shared appreciation for pop hooks remains a constant.

“Wide Awake” is not just a track; it’s a testament to The Pulltops’ growth and their knack for melding nostalgia with modern innovation. This exhilarating release beckons listeners to embrace their personal awakenings and embark on transformative journeys, guided by the song’s invigorating rhythm.

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Hailing from the heart of Texas, singer-songwriter Jeremy Parsons is set to unveil his latest musical offering, “Life Worth Dyin’ For,” on August 18th. Following the success of his Top 15 UK iTunes hits, “Tickin'” and “Humanity,” this soul-stirring ballad delves into the notion of a life lived to the fullest—the kind that’s embraced without regret.

Jeremy Parsons

Taken from his 2021 album, “Things To Come,” the track becomes a canvas for Parsons’s introspective reflections, experiences, and contemplations. Each morning, he engages in a candid introspection, pondering his journey’s alignment and its course. Parsons emphasizes, “If it all ended today or even right there at that moment, would I feel content with the life that I lived? The answer is always a resounding yes.”

Known for his captivating live performances and lyrics that resonate, Parsons’s songs possess an unfiltered depth, often described as “keenly perceptive and meaningful.” His musical resonance has garnered recognition on esteemed platforms like the Roots Music Report, IndieWorld Report, and Hits You Love Pop Charts, along with National Radio Hits and New Music Weekly. Notably, his music videos have gained traction in various film festivals, from the Jersey Shore Film Festival to the Munich Music Video Awards.

With “Life Worth Dyin’ For,” Parsons unveils a song that underscores the potency of embracing the present moment and finding contentment in the life we lead. Mark your calendars for August 18th and tune in to experience the power of Parsons’s musical narrative.

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Singer-songwriter Pam Ross unveils her latest single, “You Don’t Know My Name,” a heartfelt addition to her upcoming album “When Therapy Fails.” The song delves into the fleeting thrill of a one-night encounter, intertwined with the inevitable heartache it carries. Known for her soulful country rock melodies, Pam Ross crafted this song spontaneously, recounting, “Playing with the E5 chord sparked the lyrics’ flow. The essence lies in that delicate balance between yearning and the anticipation of impending morning sorrow—a fusion of conflicting emotions.”

Pam Ross

This release follows her success with the UK iTunes hit “Two Shots of Tequila,” alongside well-received tracks like “Fire in the Hole,” honored at the Europe Music Awards, and “Falling Off the Merry Go Round,” which climbed to #13 on the iTunes UK Rock Chart. Ross’s achievements include clinching the #2 spot on Bandwagon Network Radio, #8 on the iTunes UK Country Charts with “Two Shots of Tequila,” and airplay on prominent US radio stations like QDR 94.7 Homegrown Carolina Country and WNHE Nashville. Her captivating live performances include the BMI Songwriters Showcase in Austin and the First Annual Southern Songwriting Festival in South Carolina.

As “You Don’t Know My Name” reverberates across streaming platforms, it marks another chapter in Pam Ross’s musical voyage—a testament to her gift for weaving emotive narratives that resonate profoundly with audiences.

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Introducing “Dax,” the enigmatic artist behind the introspective single “The Abyss.” This original track delves into the poignant theme of finding solace in a creative refuge and the subsequent sense of entrapment that can emerge. Airstis invites listeners to share in this deeply personal journey, connecting through the emotional undercurrents of his composition. Envisioned and voiced solely by Dax, the artist reflects on the dual nature of creativity and confinement within this song. The origins of Airstis trace back to a college connection in Kansas, forming a bond that translates into musical resonance.


Influences like spirituality and the intricacies of existence shape Airstis’s sonic identity. Notable performances at the Calgary Stampede and Ottawa Bluesfest, along with an appearance on the airwaves, are noteworthy milestones that attest to the artist’s growing presence. Beyond the music, a sense of humor and an amusing anecdote weave through the fabric of Airstis’s journey—an upcoming tour hints at exciting horizons for the artist.

The single “The Abyss” stems from the EP “What Is Life?,” encapsulating the profound escapism that becomes an unintended refuge. As Airstis extends an invitation to engage with his musical narrative, listeners embark on a contemplative voyage that resonates on a personal level.

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