Introducing you to the vibrant world of DONEFOR, a band that effortlessly blends pop-punk, metalcore, and alternative vibes in their debut album “SLEEP ON IT.” This album features tracks that have been making waves on national radio for a solid year, showcasing the undeniable talent of the group. Their creative team stretches from the lively streets of Miami to the bustling scene of Chicago, infusing life into every note.


With their singles racking up thousands of plays, “Sleep on it” becomes an anthem of motivation and comfort, ready to wrap you in its unapologetic energy. Hailing from Southwest Florida, DONEFOR seamlessly weaves the power of metalcore with the catchy hooks of pop-punk, effortlessly transitioning from intense breakdowns to irresistible choruses.

The magic of DONEFOR truly comes alive on stage, where their electrifying performances captivate audiences. Garnering love from FM radio stations across the nation and earning the title of “The Call Radio 2023 upcoming artists of the year” in their hometown, the band’s impact is undeniable.

Their sound paints a picture of nostalgia, reminiscent of the heyday of Hot Topic and the spirit of California skate parks. Skillfully blending headbanging breakdowns with empowering choruses, DONEFOR fully embraces their mantra, inviting fans to join the chorus and “Let’s get rowdy.” Through each melody, DONEFOR’s music speaks to unity, transcending genres and inviting everyone to join in their musical journey.

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Presenting an enchanting musical journey, “Help On the Way,” emerges as a spellbinding creation featuring an assembly of remarkable talents from diverse corners of the musical world. Crafted in the heart of Williamsburg, NY, this masterpiece serves as an homage to the iconic Grateful Dead, yet encapsulates a unique essence all its own. The playing on this recording stands on it’s own as a stellar work of art. Within this ethereal soundscape, Ari Joshua orchestrates a celestial rendition of the Garcia/Hunter classic. “Help on the Way” reverberates with a symphony of emotions, woven by Kimock, Hess, and Ladin. As the vocalist, guitarist, and producer, Joshua guides the ensemble’s voyage.

Ari Joshua

Conceived within the renowned Bunker Studio, “Help On the Way” marks the latest endeavor from this assembly. Seamlessly blending poetic lyrics with intricate melodies, the song presents a musical kaleidoscope that elicits a sense of live intimacy. The interplay of analog keyboards by Eden Ladin and Joshua’s lyrical guitar builds into a mesmerizing crescendo, painting an auditory masterpiece.

“Hess and Kimock’s seamless harmonious interweaving of the drums and bass exemplify a remarkable musical synergy. Their strength here comes as no surprise. Bassist Andy Hess has worked with The Black Crows, Govt Mule, Tina Turner, David Byrne, John Scofield, Joane Osborn, Greg Allman, Zigaboo, and more and Kimock is currently touring with Phish bassist Mike Gordon, and Dead and Company bassist Otiel Burbridge. The force is strong with these two, in fact the force is strong with the whole band.

As this poignant composition takes center stage, Ari Joshua aligns his artistic vision with a philanthropic cause. A portion of the proceeds will be dedicated to the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, embodying the song’s title, “Help on the Way,” as a beacon of support and hope. Drenched in emotion and reverberating with purpose, “Help On the Way” embodies the spirit of musical benevolence. In a world where melodies and lyrics wield the power to heal, this transcendent offering stands as a testament to Ari Joshua’s dedication to both art and humanity.

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Presenting “Fury of a Dying Planet,” an embodiment of raw emotion channeling the prevalent anger and frustration towards the state of our world today. The tracks have already gained traction, with the initial single amassing nearly 20,000 streams, and the subsequent single not far behind with nearly 10,000 streams in a short span. “Repetition to Extinction,” one of the project’s powerful singles, spotlights the self-centeredness and indifference of humanity while the Earth ails around us. Doug, the creative force behind this endeavor, articulates, “Everyday I see the headlines, people complaining about things that really do not matter. But these will mean nothing if we cannot feed our families or breathe the air.”

Fury of a Dying Planet

With the release of the scorching debut “Bloodied Fjords,” Fury of a Dying Planet makes a resounding return with the second single, “Repetition To Extinction.” This searing track addresses those who overlook the Earth’s suffering, obediently adhering to the narratives propagated by authorities. The inception of Fury of a Dying Planet followed Doug Rimington’s viewing of the Netflix documentary, “Seaspiracy.” His existing demos underwent a transformation fueled by rage, incorporating eco-conscious lyrics and layers of melody into a 6-track prog-infused metal marvel. Joined by Paul Brigstock on vocals and artist Bec Dennison, this endeavor unites like-minded talents in the pursuit of raising environmental awareness.

Reflecting on his creation, Doug emphasizes, “If we take care of the planet, it will take care of us. If we let it suffer, we will all die.” Doug, a London-based musician and producer renowned for works such as “Heart Through Sacrifice” and “Voodoo Diamond,” has helmed every aspect of this musical endeavor. The drums, engineered by session drummer Chris Allan, received meticulous attention, while the mixing prowess of Chris and final mastering by Justin Hill bring the album’s sonic nuances to life. The impact of “Fury of a Dying Planet” extends beyond the music, aiming to awaken the collective consciousness to the pressing need to safeguard our planet, urging us to transcend mundane pursuits and prioritize the well-being of our shared home.

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