Exploring the Depths of Sound: The Crypto Shuffle Unveils a Tale of Greed and Reflection

In a world fraught with the allure of swift fortune and the shadows of avarice, the enigmatic music collective, led by the visionary Ruud Voesten (known for his work with ROEST and Branie.), unveils their latest single, “The Crypto Shuffle.” The song delves into the sin of greed, where the rapacious clash over opulence and thrift, echoing the tumultuous undercurrents of the cryptocurrency phenomenon that has gripped the globe. At 1:09, the band’s emergence signals a journey into a harmonically absent yet seductively melodic realm, driven by a fervent and entrancing rhythm. The track evokes parallels to the works of Avishai Cohen, Ben Wendel, and Brian Blade, infusing modern jazz with timeless narratives. The inception of “The Crypto Shuffle” was seeded during the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020. Voesten, a maestro in his own right, immersed himself in Dante Alighieri’s Inferno, a profound examination of human nature and society. This descent through the rings of hell, grappling with the seven deadly sins, provided the crucible for Voesten’s introspection.

Ruud Voesten

A crescendo of emotions awaited, as reflections on themes such as lust, anger, and betrayal harmonized into a diverse array of musical motifs. Voesten’s artistic alchemy metamorphosed these contemplations into a symphonic narrative, embodying his profound connection to Dante’s exploration. “The Crypto Shuffle” stands as the third single from Voesten’s forthcoming opus, Ambrosia, set to grace our ears in September 2023 under the ZenneZ Records banner. This larger masterpiece takes inspiration from Inferno, the inaugural segment of Dante’s Divine Comedy, where he traverses hell’s depths, encountering the incarnations of the cardinal sins and their tormented souls. In the ring of Greed, where Dante’s pen sketches perpetual disputes over expenditures, lies the genesis of “The Crypto Shuffle.” This sonic tapestry paints the current economic landscape, tainted by the allure and rapacity that cryptocurrency often kindles. Voesten himself acknowledges the song as a reflection of his own grappling with the siren call of financial ambition amidst a world spellbound by digital currencies.

Mo van der Does and Wietse Voermans, on alto and tenor saxophones respectively, intertwine their melodies, while Koen Schalkwijk on grand piano, Tijs Klaassen on double bass, and Ruud Voesten on drums and composition craft an evocative ensemble. The music was brought to life under the skillful hands of Micha de Kanter for recording and mixing, and Wessel Oltheten for mastering, at Fattoria Musica (DE). “The Crypto Shuffle” beckons listeners to confront the dual nature of lucre – its irresistible allure and its devastating aftermath. Through harmony and dissonance, rhythm and pause, Ruud Voesten and his ensemble invite us to embark on a musical odyssey that resonates beyond notes and chords, delving into the very depths of human aspirations and fallibilities.

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Hailing from Scotland, Natalie Clark, an emerging indie-pop artist, unveils her latest creation titled ‘Late Train.’ This composition resonates with a sense of hope and romance, captivating audiences in both the UK and the US. Clark’s sincere vocal delivery hearkens back to the legends of Neo-soul, while her inclination towards otherworldly hooks infuses a contemporary touch. The track, designed to uplift energies, offers comforting verses and melodies that find resonance in times of adversity.

Natalie Clark

Natalie, the vocal powerhouse, transplanted her talents from Glasgow to Los Angeles six years ago. Her journey boasts significant achievements, including performances at the BBC Radio 1 Academy sessions, impressing the likes of Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera on ‘The Voice,’ and gaining accolades from Richard Branson himself. Collaborating with producer Todd Spadafore in LA, ‘Late Train’ embodies a powerful sonic landscape, mirroring the empowering themes of the song. Natalie succinctly captures her vision, stating, “I aimed for a robust and vigorous sound to mirror the lyrics and invigorate the listener.”

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Bryanna Rain returns with a spellbinding blend of her haunting vocals intertwined with newly reimagined beats, all in service of her upcoming 12″ vinyl release, “LavenderWax.” Immerse yourself in the digital preview of this auditory journey that beckons. Led by the enigmatic Bryanna Rain, the band’s sonic tapestry is woven with influences from the realms of Electronic, SynthPop, and Disco. Their music resonated beyond the stage, reaching illustrious venues like Carnegie Hall, and even gracing radio waves and screens.

Bryanna Rain

The creation of “LavenderWax” spanned geographical boundaries, a collaborative effort with Pascale at its helm. The essence of the 12″ Digital Energy ethos is palpable, driving the project’s pulsating core.Delving into the tracks, a spotlight falls on the brilliantly remixed “Blaming,” a nod to accomplished Indian producers. The theme intertwines with the music from an ongoing anime series, an essence to be preserved on wax.

Bryanna Rain herself encapsulates the essence with a succinct note, “3 legs on a table,” a cryptic yet intriguing insight into the multifaceted musical journey that awaits within “LavenderWax.”


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Artist Carl Kammeyer’s latest single, titled “One,” is a captivating musical journey that resonates with themes of unity and familial bonds. The song not only showcases Kammeyer’s musical prowess but also his deeply personal connection to his craft. As the sole member of the band, Kammeyer’s passion for music was ignited by his mother at a young age, setting him on a path that led to the creation of this heartfelt single.

Carl Kammeyer

Recorded under the expertise of Luke Stephen Beyer at Ossico Records, “One” carries a sense of authenticity and raw emotion that draws listeners in. Kammeyer’s influences are deeply rooted in his family, giving the track a genuine and soulful quality that is hard to ignore. With its touching narrative, rich melodies, and expert production, “One” stands as a testament to the power of music in conveying emotions and bringing people together. It’s a song that reminds us of the importance of unity and connection, echoing the sentiment that we are all bound together as one.

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